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The Sweatshirt Guide

Sweatshirt is a very important part of a man’s wardrobe. There are several varieties, styles are color options in this category and we are going to simplify this complexity for you! We will not cover jackets, coats or any insulated overalls and stuff like that. This blog is dedicated to sweatshirts only. We have separate blogs for the every winter outfit!

So let us first begin with the different types in this blog!

  • Zipper

So this is a very basic sweatshirt. This is in fact your poster boy hoodie with all the essentials in order and just get you ready to bounce in the winter.  This is the basic sweatshirt that every guy must own especially if you are getting into college. This is the perfect add on to any basic look and all you need is a pair of sneakers to transform into a cool dude!

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  • Hoodie

  • Hoodies are a bit shady, ill say, because that’s just the public perception. But the truth is that they are your best friend. They will not only protect you from the cold but also your earphones. You cannot get a sweeter deal  for your wireless apple earpods! Also hoodies are cool, the end look is warm, smart and sexy. While zippers are more of a college style, hoodies are for a more mature look. And the pockets do you good!

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  • Polo neck

Polo necks are the cool style statement that created a mega fashion wave a few decades back but are back to rock your world. Polo necks are perfect for the really cold places and this time it is more about the comfort than the look but needless to say, the final look is pretty cool!

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  • Combinations

  • Well you have the zippered hoodie and the hoodie polo necks and various such combinations but if you wish to go for a hybrid then opt for a zipper with a hoodie. It is cool, casual and will keep you warm!


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