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Few Must Have Gilet Jacket Colors For Men In 2020

The Gilet jacket is a winter jacket option worth trying this season.

The Gilet jacket is a winter jacket option worth trying this season. Because of it being sleeveless, I admit it doesn’t do much for keeping your arms warm but due to this very reason, it becomes a great jacket when going for a layered look.

Apart from the additional insulation it provides, it also sets you apart from everyone else who generally opts for hoodies, or sweaters or cardigans. It is like a waistcoat so much so that a gilet jacket is called a “down vest” in the US. But still it distinguishes its self from a waist coat in aesthetic design and style.

For people who are trying on this style for the first time, my suggestion would be to opt for the basic, neutral hues of gilet jackets. They are easy to pair and pull off. Plus neutral colors flatter each skin type and built.

Neutral colors also do not require any extra investment on your part. They can be worn with something straight out of your closet.

The Basic colors popular in Gilet Jackets are:

  • Black: Classic and suave. It doesn’t get any better than this!
  • Blue: Especially blue in deeper shades like navy blue. Looks cool and sophisticated. I personally prefer blue over black.

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  • Grey: If you are going grey this fall, then remember the rule for grey is inversely proportional to that of blue. Here you need to go for lighter hues of grey.
  • While these colors look dapper and the gilet will make you stand out, you are still playing it safe. For people who like to be more adventurous about their style nd like to try something new and fresh should ditch the basic colors for colors and patterns that stand out like:
  • Yes you read correctly, patterns! Did you know that the traditional gilet jackets which originated in France were purely decorative? They were embroidered and looked really rad. So why not we try something like that now?
  • Especially when layering. It will make you really pop. Try some cool prints and funky colors. Or something that is very you, something that shows some aspect of your personality. Don’t just wear a label, make it your own.

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  • Go for unusual Gilet colors, that are effervescent.
  • For those who want to try something new but want to go slow, you know baby steps? They should pick a gilet in green, like olive or forest green or brown and tan
  • But if you are ready to jump right in then I would recommend red, orange, deep red, neon green, yellow, rust or royal blue.
  • A small tip: Don’t mix prints with loud colors especially if you are an amateur. If you pick prints then keep the base color neutral and if you go for one of the statement colors then, keep it solid.


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