5 Ways Men Can Wear The Fun Salmon | Salmon Guide

The Fun Salmon

1) Salmon Shirt

Salmon shirt is your formal look with a hint of color and life. Go for a light salmon shade if your suit is a light beige and you can go for a darker shade of salmons for black, navy blue and even beige. It is best combined with black shoe-belt-watch combo but if you opt for the light beige combo then you will need your brown shoe-belt-watch combo. The same can be used even for the darker beige combo.

2) Salmon shorts

Salmon is the perfect shade for a beachy casual look. Formal attire is pretty much easier because you have to dress by the rules but in case of casual clothing, the right look is much more difficult to achieve because you have a variety of options to chose from. These shorts will surely take off the burden by giving you the perfect look. You can pair these off with printed shirts, t-shirts or even go for a plain shirt look.

3) Salmon t-shirt

Salmon is a wonderful t shirt shade. In a world where all t-shirts are basic, a different shade can make all the difference. You can opt for light or dark salmons and keep it simple or with print. The t-shirt will not let you down. It is perfect with beige pants but also works very well with blue denims or back chinos.

4) Salmon Sweater

Salmon is a very unique shade to find in a sweater but with the growing interest in this shade, the influence of salmon in the fashion world is growing by the minute and the new fad is the salmon sweater. You can add spunk to your look by combining it with black or blue denims or even under a clean white shirt.

5) Salmon tie

Fashion is an element that can be added to your life in the smallest possible form and still make all the difference in your final look. This is in a lightest shade is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe that will go well over a white shirt. Light beige, navy blue and black are good shades of suits for the salmon tie but the best suit is a light grey suit.


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