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7 lessons from the Most Stylish Men of the Year!

Be your best with these fashion secrets

Beige Pant,White Shirt,hat ideas for men

These style lessons will keep you trending at all times and without much effort or expenses!

1.Give your basic styles a personal touch

You have classic work look, suits, trousers or even shorts. There is the casual style and then jogger’s styles etc. There are a lot of styling options, a lot of looks to opt for. And you may or may not be inclined to spend money for a whole look for every changing season or trend. Here is a pro tip: Personalize your looks. Wear your favorite pair of sneakers with your suits, wear you best hat with every shorts or chinos style, carry your favorite briefcase/messenger bag or any bag with every outfit you put on or maybe the superhero cuff links/socks with your everyday office formals.

Beige suit with white sneakers for stylish men

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Find that one element that is so you, it could be an accessory a clothing item or even something as simple as just a color.
That one personalized item will stand out with every look and will make sure that you too always stand out. Plus it is the perfect conversation starter!
Ever noticed the necklace that Ryan Gosling always wears around his neck? That is his personal style statement that holds a very important meaning for him.

2. Always add a dash of color to your look

Colors make you happy. It has been recently discovered that colors affect your moods and how you feel. Pick your favorite color or just pick a color you love for the day and make sure it is incorporated in you look. Something as small as a mint green t-shirt will also make you happy. Warmer tones are good as they keep you focused and warm. This season is all about the warmer tones. You will find an element of color in every outfit you put together, there is always room for colors!

Jared Leto is all about colors. He will pull them off, every color, every shade and every style. His style will inspire you to take more colorful fashion risks.

3. Fashion has detached itself from gender and gender norms

There was a time when pink was for women and floral were not for men. There is no gender, fashion world is gender neutral. You wear what you love, you put on what makes you happy. Gender has nothing to do with fashion and about time we realize the same. So if you wish to wear a salmon suit or baby pink shirt or a red rose filled suit? Go ahead. The world is your oyster. Even the smallest dash of gender neutrality will work well in your favor. Be 2019!

Orange and green floral shirt ideas for men

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James Corden adding baby pink to his Camp inspired Met gala outfit 2019 was as inspiring as was Lady Gaga’s Hot Pink iconic style. Pink is a color, and a very gorgeous one too!

4. You can never go wrong with the classic looks

The classic suits, shoes, styles are classic for a reason. Trousers with crisp shirts or fedora hats are still hot and will always be hot on men. The perfectly styled classic black or grey suit will work just as well as any other style. Hey, if it is good enough for Stephen Colbert at the Met Gala, it is good enough for you!
George Clooney and Prince Harry in their all formal classic styles are never out of fashion. We love them, women swoon and we are all in awe each time!

5. Grooming is as important as dressing

Grooming includes beard, mustache and hair care. It also includes skin care. You are not getting any younger and the climate is not getting any more forgiving. We hope for a cleaner future but as of today we need to protect ourselves from the sun, pollution and chemicals.
A good night time and day time routine for face and hair along with regular grooming and maintenance as well as use of products for your skin to improve nourishment, is definitely a good idea. There is no need to pretend that it does not matter. Healthy skin is happy skin!

If you can believe that the Hemsworth brother just look good always and their perfect skin and hair requires no grooming, think again. Celebs have a whole team of groomers ensuring they are always at their best and this is good news because this means that a few lifestyle changes and even you can look your best Hemsworth!

6. Always take risks

Fashion is all about taking risks! The risks will take you out of your comfort zone and into a new zone to discover your personal sense of style. The risks can be as small as trying a new pair of shoes/socks or as huge as trying on a colorful suit. You can start with something small, maybe accessories, try on a bright neon pocket square with you classic cobalt or navy suit. Wear winged brogues instead of oxfords. Try on a scarf with your outfit or maybe a hat. Take baby steps and discover your comfort zone.
If Jared Leto can go to the Met gala in a gender fluid hot red outfit with his own head as an accessory, maybe you can take smaller risks like superhero cuff-links.. Just saying.. Btw he totally rocked it!

7. Seriously, you need accessories!

If it hasn’t been obvious to you yet, this is us literally spelling it out for you  – U-S-E A-C-C-E-S-S-O-R-I-E-S! Lapel pins, bows, funky ties and socks, personalized cuff links, hats, custom handkerchief with your initials, custom made pens, cool messenger bags/laptop bags, trendy sunglasses or frames… You have a whole lot of option to pick from and you can amp up any look with these basic changes.
Ryan Reynolds and his tiepin got us all excited, happy, amazed and in awe. It was such a simple style change and in fact it was just bringing back the vintage style of wearing a tie pin, it took the fashion world by storm.

The most important fashion hack is to know yourself and dress with what makes you happy as well as feel comfortable! Be as crazy or as classic or as much of both as you wish to be!