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5 Sunglasses You Should Definitely Try this Summer

2019- The Year of the Sunglasses

Black Printed jacket and Round Sunglasses for men

Well it is very warm and sunny. This is the season to pull off some really cool shades that will keep you cool and protect your eyes!
We have indulged in this area before and have written several blogs about the various face shapes and frame shapes. Which shape will be suited for your face and what occasion suits what kind of frames. To read our other blogs on sunglasses for a quick catch up, follow the link:

In short, we have basically 4 face shapes: Round, Oval, Square, Heart. There are several types of frames that will suit your face based on your face shape. Also the thickness or rather lack thereof for these frames will also depend to an extent on your face shape. But as always, it is important to have fun with your styles and experiment with what you love!

Here’s a list of frames you absolutely need to keep an eye out for this year

1. Round frames

The 90s revival has brought back some good memories and also some iconic styles. Round frames are very much a part of this 90s package and we are glad it has made a comeback. This is a very smart cool style that will frame your face and give you a clean edgy look. This style is best suited for square or heart shaped faces. Even oval shaped faces can pull off this style. It will not work as well with round faces as the frame itself is as round as the face shape.

White t shirt,grey ripped jeans and black round sunglasses

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2. Aviators

You have your classic aviators that everyone loves and pulls off with much sass and style! So what is new in 2019? Well you can still pull off your aviators comfortably and enjoy all the attention, but if you wish to add some edge to the look then maybe you can opt for one of the more modern style aviators. We have bigger and better frames, rounded and edgy, strong and classic.
These cool new aviator styles are not only worth a try but are big enough to actually protect your whole eye from the sun and its harmful rays. This surely is a good investment and we all know aviators never go out of style. Aviators suit a lot of face frames but remember a good trick is to buy softer rounder frames if you have sharp angled face and vice versa.

Black Suit, Aviators Sunglasses

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3. Geometric frames

Few months back we discovered a very cool new and futuristic style of shades and they took the world by a storm! So geometric frames are the frames that each one of you has seen and maybe even tried on. These frames are angled and give a very edgy look. You may find that it does not suit your face because these frames are fairly new and might seem odd. However it is a great and versatile style especially for round and oval faces or heart shaped faces as well. Might not suit square faces as much but you can still pull it off. It is good to try new looks and styles to always stay in trend.
These frames look great when in colors like pink or brown. Avoid them in just plain black.

4. Colorful frames

Sure this is not exactly a specific style of frames or shape of frames but it is notable to mention them because colorful sunglasses are very 2019! When we do a throwback for 2019, we will have colorful glasses.
Pinks, yellows and greens are very much in. However if you do not wish to take on a massive fashion statement or try something so unique, you can opt for light brown lens with maybe a turtle design frame.
Trial and error is the best way to go about it. But colorful frames suit your holiday looks and all casual styles. They will also suit your wedding and outdoor looks. Reflectors look the best in colors. So if you are planning on investing in a good pair of reflectors, it has to be in color!

5. Bar frames

Bar frames are essentially frames where in there is a metal bar joining the two lenses together apart from the basic frame. So there is a double or triple or just a design on your bar between the lenses. This style is very iconic for men as well as women. It looks very smart and sophisticated and is at its best in subtle shades like black and browns. The metal is usually gold or silver but rose gold is also a great option, especially with brown.
Although the shape of the frames still dictate what face shape this style is suitable for, however if you wish to add more definition to your face, this is a good style for you. However if you have a smaller face, you should avoid this style or buy a frame that is proportionate to your face size. Also, aviators with bars is the classic look which will suit almost all faces. This is your go-to style!