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How to Style Your Suit Jackets?

Men’s Styling Guide – How to Style Your Suit Jackets?

Suit jackets are your all-formal super cool and mature look. It symbolizes maturity and elegance in the most royal manner possible. Suit jackets are a symbol of class and elegance and thus there is a specific code for wearing the same. That is the catch with formals, you have to follow the code. There are several styles of suit jackets and can also be styled in several ways. A casual styles has also been explained in these look but it should be avoided simply because a suit jacket is meant to be worn as a suit and if you wear out the jacket then it will fade differently as compared to your suit as a set and end up not looking a part of the same set thus ruining your suit look.

How to Style Suit Jacket

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What you need to remember about suits is that they come in plain colors. Suits are meant to be in the rich and royal colors like grey, navy blue, black. You can go as funky as a maroon or brown but again, they are funkier looks and don’t necessarily pass off as formal look. It is for the more stylish look rather than a gentleman’s look.

Styles of suit jackets you must be knowing

1) You have the styles based on number of buttons. You have two-buttoned suits as well as three. The basic trick you need to keep in mind always is that the lower button is not meant to be shut. It is just a style statement and you can always keep it unbuttoned. It is for comfort that you leave it unbuttoned but you may button it if that’s still comfortable for you. The concept has evolved because as we all know, jackets are uncomfortable to sit in as it tightens around your body so you are supposed to unbutton your jacket and sit. However, unbuttoning all buttons makes it obvious. Celebrities came up with this strategy of just leaving the lower button, unbuttoned. That way you can sit much more effortlessly. Three buttoned suits jackets are more formal and go well in combination with a waist coat.

2) The next style is on the basis of your fit. You have three fit options for suit jackets – Sack style, structured and the perfectly fitted jacket.

Sack Style

Sack like is not exactly lose like a potato sack but yes it is definitely and quite clearly, not your size. This is however still a statement. The point to remember is that it should just a bit lose for you but the shoulders and arms should fit right in. It is a more uncommon look as it does not accentuate your body structure. This look is preferred by older men or those who are not very confident about their physique. It gives you the formal look without the discomfort. The trousers with this look should be well fitted to balance off the slightly lose jacket.

Structured jacket

This look is the most common one in suit jacket styles. Most men opt for this style of jacket as it accentuates the body structure with much ease and comfort. It is more preferable than the sack style because it gives your body a nice structure. It is characterized with strong shoulders and a slight curve in around the waist. It is definitely a cool formal look and your trousers should be well-fitted for this suit jacket. Muscular men often opt for this look to allow some space and comfort.

How to Style Men's Suit Jacket The Right Way

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Fitted jacket

This is the ideal suit jacket for men who love to flaunt their slim body structure. You will often find celebrities like Benedict cumber batch in a well fitted suit jacket that accentuates and enhances his body structure. For this kind of a body structure, any kind of lose fitted suit jacket is an absolute no-no. It will make you look rather slim and unhealthy also unprofessional. It is not an attractive look for slim men. Your trousers may be regular to slim fitted. This is the most ‘on-point’ look in suit jackets style.

3) You have suit jacket styles based on the number of pockets on your jacket. The basic style is that of two pockets around the two sides of your lower stomach area. This is the most common variety of suit jacket. Apart from this you have one with an added extra pocket around the heart. This pocket is for style only and serves the purpose of adding a pocket square or a fancy pen.

4) The slit of the suit is yet another style statement. The most common style is one slit in the center of your back. This is a good style as it is great for comfort and also gives a good body structure. You also have slits on both sides which is a bit outdated style and might not make a comeback anytime soon. Apart from this you have the suit jacket that has absolutely no slits. This is often the style in structured jackets as they already are sewn in a manner to allow flexible movements. You must pick the jacket style by trying it on and ensuring that your movements are not restricted in any manner.

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