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The Style-Conscious Man’s Guide To Bomber Jacket

Men’s Style Guide – A Complete Guide To Bomber Jacket

A Bomber jacket is really cool. It looks great on everybody and can be teamed with almost anything. Beating the cold weather has never looked so suave and stylish. They are perfect for cool temperatures and are a must have in your fall wardrobe.

There are a lot of choices available in the market what with a lot of celebrities and big brands endorsing this style. Now I like having options as much as the next person but they do tend to leave me confused as to which is the best style for me. If you are having the same trouble then say good bye to your confusion because I have some simple tips which if you follow before buying your bomber jacket you will not go wrong or regret your choice.

The Style-Conscious Man’s Guide To Bomber Jacket

  • Zippers and Buttons: Check the zipper and the buttons before buying the bomber jacket. Don’t overlook this aspect. These are the things that are the first to get damaged. There are many zipper brands which dish out quality product. Go for those jackets which use good quality zippers. Check whether the zippers can be reversed or there is a button at the top for the reverse style look so you can wear the bomber jacket only buttoned from the top or partially zipped from your waist.
  • Colour: A bomber jacket is usually paired with monochrome or monotone hues so you can pick a colour that stands out like military green, blue or even tan.


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