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10 Styles To Get That Edgy Look With These Sharp Outfits

So first thing, own a well-fitted perfect suit or a tailored blazer. (I hope you own one already, if not, go buy one now!) . Build up your outfit with white and blue shirts; they are the foundations for building a sharp outfit. Layer them up and embellish them with specifics. Make it a habit to accessorise your clothing, this shows that you aren’t just dressing for the sake of it but, love your style and dress up intentionally.

Please don’t wear graphic tees and look mature. Express your intelligence in the way you dress, so that you are the well dressed as well as the smartest dressed man in the room. Put a little time and give it a thought. Also mix shades of the same colour to get that chic and sophisticated look.

Most importantly, get the best shoes you can. If there’s one thing that women notice it’s your shoes. If you haven’t owned a pair of good shoes, you should consider doing so, to hype up your personality and also instantly make you look smart. Also always remember to maintain all your clothes and shoes.

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Go make everyone go head over heels about your sharp look! Let us know how it works out.  Good luck!



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