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Light Up The Dance Floor At The Sangeet Ceremony With Your Dashing Outfit!

Sangeet Ceremony Styles For Men – Groom, Relatives, Friends; Accessories; Images

The word Sangeet in hindi means music and thus the Sangeet Ceremony is full of music, songs, dance and enjoyment. This musical night is not only for the union of the couple but also to create a bond between the two families. Sangeet is one of the most energetic and radiant pre-wedding ceremonies that is enjoyed by all. This Ceremony brings down the barriers between the two families and creates a fun environment.

Sangeet Ceremony Outfit Ideas

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Sangeet Ceremony Ideas for Men This Wedding Season

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It started in north India and later spread across the country. Sangeet Ceremony is conducted to celebrate the two hearts coming together. It is not just a function of dance and music but also holds lot of significance traditionally. Basically Sangeet Ceremony takes place a day before the wedding day, being as lavish or as low key depending upon the families and their budget.

The relative perform in pairs or in groups, several sets of uncle and aunties from each side, the bride’s and groom’s parents have a set and prepare dance performances on popular Bollywood songs. The cousins from each side usually dance in groups or will perform skits. The bride and the groom take part in the performance by dancing on romantic numbers. The choreographers teach cool dance steps that are performed on a grand stage to the entire relative bandwagon. I am sure you must be practicing your dance performance and want to shine in the ceremony. Well, for this you need a right pair of outfits, accessories and footwear that will compliment your look and keep you comfortable while dancing.

Check Out These Amazing Sangeet Ceremony Outfit Ideas To Rock The Dance Floor:

Men’s Sangeet Ceremony Outfit Ideas For Own Wedding

If it’s your own wedding pairing up your outfit with your partner is a must, this will enhance your dance performance and also make you look idle couple. As I mentioned above Sangeet Ceremony is very tiring with lots of fun and enjoyment as you have to dance the whole evening choosing a right outfit is very essential. Go for same colour Sherwani and Lehenga making sure Pajama and Blouse is of same colour or go for full same colour outfit. It will also work great with Same Suit and Gown Colour.

Men’s Sangeet Ceremony Outfit For Cousins Wedding

Hell yes! It’s your cousins wedding and you have to rock the dance floor with right moves and right outfit. I know it is difficult to carry Dhoti Pants and Jackets for dancing but try to go for light weight that will help you dance gracefully. Make sure the Colours are bright and create a good colour contrast with your Kurta. Indo western look will help you get elegant look. Gold and Silver Embroidery on the Outfit will make you Shine out.

dhoti outfit for Sangeet

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Men’s Sangeet Ceremony Outfit For Friend’s Wedding

How can you leave your friend alone to rock the dance floor you should also join him! This can only be fulfilled by styling appropriately for Sangeet Ceremony. Here I have mentioned some Styling tips that will help you get the right look. It is quite obvious that you won’t get dressed up like the Groom, but surely you can opt for simple and contrasting colour Kurta Pajama, go for Bandhgala with good embroidery and border that will enhance your look. For elegant and stylish look try to go for Patiala and Pathani outfits.

Men’s Accessories for Sangeet Ceremony

As you know Sangeet Ceremony is all about dancing and enjoying, I am sure you don’t want to spoil this by discomfort and of course not by being a style disaster. As I mentioned above how you can pair up your outfit according to whose Sangeet Ceremony you are attending but you also need to which Accessories you should go for. Too much accessorizing can break your look and less can make you appear dull thus you should try keeping a balance between the two. Try to go for a simple Neckwear and Brouches on your Kurta or Sherwani that will enhance your look. Use good designs of Cufflinks to maintain the elegant look of your outfit.

Men’s Footwear for Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Night and you are dancing right from the time the Ceremony starts to the time it ends, it’s crazy! Let me tell if you don’t go for a right pair of Footwear after a point your legs will start paining creating lot of discomfort which will ruin your party mood. Comfortable Footwear can ruin your outfit look, Huh lot of confusion right? Well I have a good suggestion, try to go for Kolhapuri Chappals that will match with all your ethnic attire and will also complement your look. If you are wearing a Sherwani or Pathani go for Jootis or Mojaris which will completely go very well with them. Here you go, Sangeet ready!

Light Up The Dance Floor With Sangeet Ceremony Outfit
Light Up The Dance Floor With Sangeet Ceremony Outfit
Light Up The Dance Floor With Sangeet Ceremony Outfit
Light Up The Dance Floor With Sangeet Ceremony Outfit

I Hope This Article On Sangeet Ceremony Came To Your Help. Time To Light Up The Dance Floor!