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Stunning Outfit Ideas For Men To Have A Reason To Style For A Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony Style Guide For Men – Images, Footwear, For Groom, Relatives

Mehndi Ceremony is only for women’s? Nah! It is for all, but usually men think it’s not their cup of tea to attend such pre-wedding function. According to men ‘women apply mehndi so why should we attend it’, oh god, grow up men. Let’s not be sexist in wedding ceremonies at least, huh. Let me tell you very clearly that Mehndi ceremony is equally important for the Groom as it’s for the Bride. Indian Wedding functions like Sangeet, Haldi, and Engagement have great importance that adds millions of memories to the wedding. I came up with this blog to guide men style up for Mehndi Ceremony. I am very sure you must have gone through 15-20 sites for the perfect blog but din’t find any, but let me assure you that, you have landed on the right page.

Mehndi Ceremony Outfits For Guys

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Before I start with the styling tips let me guide you through the importance of Mehndi Ceremony. Basically it is carried out by applying Mehndi – a mixture of henna, essential oils, lemon and other such ingredients on both Brides and Grooms palms. There are many beliefs related to Mehndi ceremony from ancient times- 1: Colour of mehndi determines the bond and love between the couple. 2: Darker the colour of Mehndi high is the chances that Bride will receive more love from husband and in-laws. 3: Longer it stays; it’s auspicious for the newlywed couple. 4: It is also a symbolic representation of fertility. But the scientific reason behind this is the Henna helps in controlling the nerves and also helps staying calm in stressful wedding situation.

So, now when you know the facts and beliefs of Mehndi Ceremony we will proceed toward the styling of this Ceremony. There are few things you need to keep in mind before styling for Mehndi Ceremony, to look stunning and also be comfortable. This ceremony will demand running around, people will drag you on the dance floor every second, you will meet many guests and more importantly it will stretch for hours so should definitely dress accordingly.

Here Are Few Mehndi Ceremony Outfit Ideas Every Man Must Try:

Mehndi Ceremony Outfit for Own Wedding

If it’s your own wedding and you are looking for the right outfit for your pre-wedding functions here I have what you should prefer: As it’s your day, the outfit should match the ceremony and feel making you look more handsome and elegant. Try going for Green Sherwani with gold embroidery on Chudidar or Dhoti Pants; try to go for Green Bandhgala as this will give you great look and make you shine out in all the guests. Try for some colour contrast while pairing up Jacket which will definitely complete your look.

Mehndi Ceremony Outfit for Friend’s Wedding

As its your friends Mehndi Function you just can’t walk off in any casual outfit from your closet, you have to prepare for it. Try to keep it low key so that you don’t dress up like your friend but not that less charming that you don’t even look like you attending an important pre-wedding ceremony. Go for Green or white Kurta with Pajama or Denim, try to style your Pathani in contrasting colours and embroidery, pair up Nehru jacket or jodhpuri Jackets with Shirt.

nehru jacket with green kurta pajama for mehndi

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Mehndi Ceremony Outfit for Relative’s Wedding

We all run away from are relatives weddings to avoid boring relatives that don’t leave you alone during the function and keep asking you questions on personal and professional life. All that you have in your hand is distract them! Wear good outfit that will make them discuss its design and the store you bought it from instead of discussing your life. Jokes apart! You should surely get well dressed during a Mehndi Ceremony for that you can wear a good green pathani with great border and colour contrast. Pair green Blazer on your Shirt to get the indo-western look. Style your Kurta with good Dhoti and you are Mehndi ready.

Accessories for Mehndi Ceremony

I am sure you must be confused with the question how to accessorize the mehndi outfit as it is very important to go for the right one. Accessory can make or break your look. If you are wearing a Pagadi try to go for Kalangi to add some elegant look. Go for good Cufflinks that will enhance your outfit and Go for a pearl or gold Neckwear that will light up your Kurta or Sherwani. Go for a simple accessory like Watch and Ring to keep it simple.

Footwear for Mehndi Ceremony

If you are wearing a Blazer try to go for shoes and if a Kurta then Chappal will match well. Mojaries compliments your Sherwani and Jooti your Pathani. If you are wearing a Nehru Jacket or Bandhgala try to go for Kolhapuri. A right footwear is a must as it will enhance your look and make you shine out the Mehndi Ceremony.

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Stunning Outfit Ideas For Men To Style Mehndi Ceremony
Stunning Outfit Ideas For Men To Style Mehndi Ceremony
Stunning Outfit Ideas For Men To Style Mehndi Ceremony
Stunning Outfit Ideas For Men To Style Mehndi Ceremony