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Know The Difference – Printed Shirts & Self-Pattern Shirts

Self-pattern is wherein the pattern is ingrained in the fabric itself, whereas in case of prints, it comprises of literal funky prints on the fabric. Both these trends are really getting hot this season and you must be acquainted with both these looks to make the best presentation possible and avoid any fashion faux-pas!

Self-pattern – This concept is more popular in case of shirts, especially formal shirts as this is the only option that acute professionals have for a variation from the basic single colored formal dress shirts! Self-pattern is not a type of shirt but a sub-category in shirts. You must have often noticed that some white shirts have a certain pattern in the fabric itself. This is known as self-pattern. It is in the same shade as the shirt and yet leaves a mark. This is because it comprises of minute and intricate patterns that give out a wholesome and classy look to the shirt while still keeping it formal!


Such shirts must be worn especially when you skip suits or blazers. In that case, your shirt becomes the style statement. Also a tie is a must. Preferably a tie-pin will bring out the richness of the fabric and the intricate design on it. You must opt for formal oxford shoes with this look. A watch is a must. However, make sure the self-patterned shirts should be in light and mild tones like white, mint, light salmon, cream, lemon yellow and beige etc. Do not ever go for a shirt that is dark in shade and has self-patterning. That look is not considered professional!

This look is really cool because it works well for any semi-formal occasion as well like office parties or even wedding receptions! It is festive and elegant at the same time.

Prints – Prints are cool and funky. They go well for shirts, t-shirts, blazers and even jackets! Just avoid printed pants. They are too loud for my liking and I personally feel it is a dying trend! Prints can be as funky as you can carry off but you must start mild like maybe small prints on your shirts like polka dots. From there you can switch over to funkier options like leaves and boxes.


A basic trick is to buy funky designs on a basic colored shirt like blue, white and cream. Even mint or black go really well with prints. These shades are subtle so they balance the funkiness of the print and make sure you look balanced and not loud or a fashion disaster.

Prints are something more trendy and bold for men. It is okay to step out of your comfort zone and try something that is stylish. That look will bring you appreciation and boost your confidence. Women are bored of the basic men’s clothes and this is something we truly appreciate. You mess up in the beginning but it will eventually work out and really well. Keep reading our blogs to minimize your mess! We take request for specific blog topics as well!

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