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What Not To Wear To The Airport?

Summers are the perfect time to travel and explore a new place and culture. Like the migratory birds, we feel the need to travel to a new place and explore new horizons. Nowadays planning a vacation has become really easy. There are many destinations and various travel options and packages which are pocket friendly too. A happy traveler is always the one who plans ahead.

Normally people like to get all the work done before beginning their travel. Booking flights, hotel reservations, insurance, packing, and so on… on the day of the departure people are so excited that they normally tend to neglect what they should be wearing on the journey. You have packed the outfits for the trip but have left out the most important apparel of your journey for the last moment.

It is essential to be comfortable while travelling. The fabrics should be breathable, shoes comfortable, and your overall ensemble should be clean and decent looking according to basic public norms.

One great tip is to balance your apparel in such a way that you look stylish and feel comfortable. Remember to shower first, no matter if it takes a little longer, get up early and manage your time accordingly. But don’t skip this step. Please think about your fellow commuters and the enclosed space that is the airplane. Come to think about it, Is it really that much of a hassle?

Please avoid becoming one of those people who wait till the last moment to pick a travel apparel and get dressed mere minutes before leaving thus wearing whatever they can lay their hands on. Be ready before hand. Refer to What To Wear To The Airport? Apart from that here is a list of fashion desires that will tempt you and that which you must avoid at all costs!

The 7 airport fashion faux pas men need to be careful about are:

1. Pajamas:

Please! they are suitable for your home and sadly the airport isn’t your home. So chuck pajamas and track pants. I am not saying guys should dress in suits like it’s a gala event but maintain some decorum. Opt for khakis, chinos or denims. They provide comfort and look great too.

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2. Belts:

Pick your bottom wear whether they are jeans or chinos or khakis to fit you perfectly without the support of a belt. Because belts are a headache when flying. Your security checks take longer. Removing the belt and putting it back on is no fun task, so if it can be avoided to save time, you better do that.

3. Jewelry:

Accessories make any look pop. But sadly they are a bane for the security checks. Plus, I personally feel chunky jewelry and rings should be avoided while travelling. They may cause harm, either to you or a fellow traveler. If you wish to accessorize, carry whatever you need in a small zip lock bag or pouch in your carry on or man bag. When you land you can put it on. If you are carrying something valuable then request for a private security check. You do not want to be an easy target for thieves and pick pocketer’s. Let them earn their living the hard way too!

4. Flip Flops:

These are for your home and for the beach. Yes they are simple to get in and out of but they are not comfortable for running about hauling your luggage from one end to another. Plus the area where security checks are performed is not the epitome of cleanliness. Bacteria from all over the world has travelled along with people from all over and set up colonies and resorts there. Not a place I would recommend walking bare foot. Try the grass in the morning. It’s a much healthier option.

5. Boots/Sandals:

Again not so comfy after a few hours and once they get uncomfortable their appeal will not do you any good. Being stylish, funky, with buckles and zippers is cool but not when you have to take them off and put them on again and again plus you may have to  probably run a multiple times if you have taken connecting flights to your desired destination.

6. Pull Over:

It is good to be prepared and think beforehand about the cold, especially if you are the kind of person who feels cold as soon as the temperature dips a little. A jacket looks good, so does a sweatshirt. But not a pull over. Go for something with a zipper or pick something with buttons like a cardigan. A wrinkle free fabric will look good even after a long flight.

7. Contacts:

For a journey or a long flight, contacts are not very compatible. They often cause dryness and irritation. Your eyes may end up looking red and puffy upon landing. Not a great first impression, if you ask me. If you are visually challenged, please carry your contacts along with you but wear your glasses on the flight.

Hope this list helps you avoid fashion disasters and ensures a smooth start to your trip. Bear in mind, sometimes in life, knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do!


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