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All You Need Guide For The Pea Coat And Duffel Coat!

The Duffle Coat will surely ring some bells because we all know what duffel bags are. Well the same coarse thick woolen fabric is used for the Duffle Coat as well. It is thick and warm but also a bit on the heavier side. This coat is extremely comfortable but also very stylish because it was not popular at all until sometime back when it took the runways be the storm. This coat is often characterized with really fancy buttons to add a more customized and fashion forward touch.

You will find the duffel coat in shades of brown and beige but maroon, navy blue, olive, grey and black are also popular shades. It is important to go all casual with this coat by adding on a pair of smart boots but also you may feel free to wear this off to work. It is versatile and almost wrinkle-free. A sling bag or messenger bag or even a laptop bag will go perfectly well with this style statement coat.

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The pea coat or Duffle Coat is also made of coarse woolen material but it is double breasted which means the pattern for the buttons is on one side and is double. This gives it a nice formal look giving it superiority over the duffel coat and many other styles. It is also very warm and comfortable but thick and heavy. This jacket however comes in several styles of which most popular is the one with fur lining for better insulation.

Again the look book and style guide will be more formal for this as compared to the duffel so you can opt for brogues or oxfords or even derbies. These coats are very elegant and often worn in shades of black, dark blue and grey because these shades are subtle so suitable for the professional look.

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