3 Pocket Friendly Blazer Looks Right Out of Your Wardrobe!

You must read on to find some really cool blazer looks that are surprisingly very pocket friendly!

Blazers are a style statement. They are classic but yet modern. As the sports jacket tilts a bit towards the casual end of fashion, blazers tilt towards the formal end. They are the official semi-formal fashion statements that you cannot go wrong with. You won’t find colorful and bright blazers with funky designs and prints. If you do, that’s a casual jacket. These are three looks that go really well for a blazer attire and you must read on to find some really cool looks that are also surprisingly very pocket friendly!

1) The Smart Denim Look

Blazers are semi-formal and thus they are often paired with chinos. As for denims, men prefer sports jacket over denims because sports jackets are more funky and fancy. However, if you want a very smart look, you can opt for denims with blazers. It is not only a smart look, it also has a surprise element attached to it. It will help you stand out at a party! This look is suitable for casual parties and even casual dates. It is for the younger men who wish to make a style statement as well as the mature men who wish to bring out a younger vibe to their look.

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You start off with your dark blue denims or even black in this case. Make sure it isn’t washed or distressed or low riding. It should be a regular to slim fit denim. Dark shade of blue will look best. You need your monk straps with a thick leather belt in the same shade as your monk straps, if not in the same exact color. Now you can go for a plain round neck t-shirt look. There are variations in this comprising of a shirt instead of a t-shirt or a sweater over the shirt or t-shirt etc. These variations can be tried on and you must find the best look for you based on what your wardrobe has to offer! But all guys have the plain t-shirt and if you don’t already, you must own at least 3 in different shades. Next, we come to the blazer. Blazers are single colored and although originally you had your double breasted blazers that look really cool, but they have taken a bit of a backseat in the fashion world. So your regular blazers will work just fine. Make sure it is in dark shades of blue, grey or black because these colors are very versatile. They go well with denims and t-shirt!

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2) The Urban Chino Look

Chinos are truly a blessing in disguise. They help you get the formal look in a very trendy fashion. For this look you can opt for either the basic black, grey and blue chinos or go for some other colors too but make sure you keep it subtle as it is a blazer and not a sports jacket. You can opt for khakee or beige and brown. Make sure your chinos are well fitted and not faded. You will need your brogues for this look. Monk straps will also do well but brogues are the preferred option. Once that is done, you can move towards your belt. It should be a bit formal leather belt in the same shade as your shoes. Belt is a must for all blazer looks as it adds more character and belts go hand in hand with a blazer. A nice smart watch, again in the same shade as your belt and shoes will work well. Again, you have the option to wear a t-shirt which is great for casual outing with friends and maybe some parties. Your t-shirt should be plain and single colored as it is worn under the blazer. Avoid loud and bright colored t-shirts completely! You can wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt which will work for dates and semi-formal parties. Your shirt can be self-patterned or checked but no loud prints and bright colors. Keep it subtle and elegant. You can also opt for a sweater look with your shirt but make sure your sweater is plain colored.

Now we come to the blazer. Make sure your blazer is of a subtle shade and your outfit can be brought together by it. Since the look is entirely from your wardrobe, your chinos, t-shirt/shirt and blazer may not match at all but what will bring the whole look together is subtlety along with the combination of your shoes with belt and watch. Thus all the garments in this look should be subtle and elegant so that they combine to form a smart look.

You can opt for different styles and colors as per your preferences butthere are some basics like a grey blazer will go well with a black or white t-shirt/shirt and black or grey denims. Similarly, a navy blue blazer will go well with white shirt/t-shirt and blue chinos. These are basic and safe color combinations but you can always spice up your look as per personal preferences!

3) Accessories!

Well this is not exactly a look per say garment description but it is a look nonetheless. The two looks explained above are the base looks for this style. This aspect of blazer is all about the accessories. Blazers are the perfect in-betweeners. And thus there is a wide range of styles to try and choose the look that best defines you as well as fits the occasion!

Let’s start with the bow. You know what a bow-tie is and how much sass it adds to your look. Well, in case of a blazer, when you wear it more casually with a denim and a shirt, you can add a cool and funky bow tie with some interesting patterns that will jazz up your look while in case of a more semi-formal look with chinos and a shirt, you can go for more simpler bow-ties which are surely simple in style but cool in color.

A tie is yet another accessory that goes well with a blazer when you wear a shirt under it. Again your tie can be a cool printed one if worn with a denim look. You can also try different colors and play around with the styles. However, when it comes to a semi-formal look, you must maintain the tie-code and wear a much more formal tie.

Your watch should be leather. That is because despite all, this is a semi-formal look and it is time to bring out your cool leather watched with thick straps and a classy dial. Don’t go for bright and loud dials.

Avoid tie-pins. That is strictly a look for suits and suit jackets. Also, no cuff-links! This is not a formal look entirely but these accessories are all-formal!

Waist coats are a good addition to this look but it is compulsory for your waist coat to match your blazer. Also, this is a style for shirts only. You can add a tie as well to raise this look by a notch. However do not try to pass this off as a formal look. It will still remain a cool semi-formal style!



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