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Jodhpuri Suits To Give Indian Men The Perfect Royal Look

Jodhpuri Suits – Outfits, Types, designs, Images, Patterns, Guide, Etc

Dreaming of a traditional Indian wedding and social celebrations? We will help you turn your dream wedding into reality if you read this article on this amazing style of traditional wear- JODHPURIS. They are the perfect outfits to have all eyes on you at a traditional function. When worn, the Jodhpuri suits impart a regal look and will make you feel like a prince due to its custom fit which makes the outfit look like a royal attire. Today it has become an ideal outfit for relatives and close friends of the bride and the groom as well as for the best man. It comes in a variety of colours and designs making it all the more stylish and elegant.
So just in case you think you have your attire for a wedding all figured out, think again!

best jodhpuri styles

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Read on to know and understand the types of Jodhpuris and style yourself accordingly :

Jodhpuri Suit Outfit Ideas For Men This Season

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1) What Is A Jodhpuri Suit –

Jodhpuri Suits is more of a combination of jacket with a bandhgala or Nehru jackets paired up with trousers. Initially created for the princes of Jodhpurs, these outfits have come a long way and influenced the fashion statement of men. These suits are perfectly fitted and will give you the sexy fit look. Due to its unique mixture of style and elegance, many men use these suits or jackets for their wedding and other such occasions. It is a great form of traditional wear which can also be worn along with western outfits and formal wear.

fashionable jodhpuri

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2) Jodhpuri Suit Colours-

Suits of different colours are available for men. Colours like Red, Dark Blue, Black and Maroon are the most used colour variations for a Jodhpuri suit or jacket. You can choose from these shades according to your complexion and preference. Red Jodhpuri with contrast trouser is remarkable in itself due to the design and colour and texture of the fabric.Most trending Jodhpuri suit colour for weddings is Golden. The shine of the golden suit will be eye-catchy (Just like you wanted!!) and will women will have a reason to start a conversation with you.  Fashion Designers are doing a great deal to change the face of Jodhpuri suit fashion, coming up with beautiful colour combinations and loud coloured attire. They can be paired with colourful dhotis or pajamas to complete the traditional look.

colorful jodhpuri

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3) Jodhpuri Suit Patterns and Designs-

Well you may have figured by now, how richly the Jodhpuri suits look and as we already mentioned earlier, they were originally made for the Jodhpuri princes, so there won’t be compromising on the artwork. Patterns and designs of various styles are made. Stitch work contrast patch on shoulder part and stone buttons will create the sense of unique style. Some have floral designs made of different colours making your outfit more appealing. These patterns make the jackets or suit look not only rich and elegant but breath-taking! The embroidery is BEAUTIFUL. The designs are FLAWLESS. Your look is PERFECT.

floral jodhpuri styles

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white jodhpuris

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4) Different Styles To Try With Jodhpuri Suits-

Styling a suit is the main issue that many men face when it comes to Jodhpuris. Highly formal and highly attractive, this is one of those suits whose versatility will have you reaching for it more often than you think. With so many options of colours and patterns nowadays, pairing them with the right pyjama or pant depending on the occasion has become a real task. Do not worry! We have it all under control.

Check out these awesome styles and what to keep in mind while sporting a Jodhpuri:

Superb mixture of Indian taste along with western is just worth appreciating. For those gentlemen who want an outfit that combines eastern influence with a western look, the Jodhpuri is the ideal option and will make you look incredibly elegant and stylish. Try these suits with trousers or chinos. You can wear formal shoes along with them.

modern jodhpuri

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  • Accessorize-

Jodhpuris generally need not be accessorized with cufflinks or ties or any others in that category, but if you still are adamant about accessorising then keep it simple and sleek. A simple necklace or bracelet or a pocket square should do the trick. Sunglasses may also add up to the style quotient.

  • Customize –

‘Cause buying a simple readymade suit is to mainstream! Gone are the days when you had to wear simple Jodhpuris. Buying the right fit should be of utmost priority. We would suggest you not buying too jackets too loose making you look like a cloth hanger and not to tight, looking like a creep! Now you can find innovative and personalized suits and jackets to celebrate the occasion in a fascinating outfit.

  • Outfits To Try With Jodhpuri Suits –

You may not wanna go like everybody else at a wedding, especially if it’s your close relatives or your best friends. It’s time to for you to change your style game. Pair up your Jodhpuri with Sherwani and pyjamas to make your special moment an unforgettable celebration (WARNING! Plenty of ogling comes with this in the street) Jodhpuri and kurtas, Jodhpuri with Nehru Jackets, etc. are all the styles you can try.

Finally, you have successfully gained knowledge about how to wear a Jodhpuri and when to wear them and with what to wear a Jodhpuri. In short, all we would like to tell you is get a Jodhpuri Suit in your wardrobe and learn how to style it. Till then we will see you light up the next wedding you go!