Bald Head Care: Tips and Techniques for a Healthy Scalp

Here you will get the best Bald head care tips & techniques for a healthy scalp.

When many men start losing their hair, they decide to nip it in the bud and just shave all of their hair off. Being completely bald today is considered to be more stylish and attractive than it once was. If you make the decision to shave your head completely, you should understand that the care necessary when you are bald is much different than the care you are used to when you have hair. There are things that you will need to worry about that you never had to when you had hair including:
• Razor burn
• Ingrown hairs
• UV rays from the sun
If you know the proper way to care for your scalp, you will have a great looking bald head.

Moisturizing the Head

When you finish shaving your head, it is important that you moisturize. You don’t want to use your typical body lotion. It is better to use a moisturizer for bald head. If you skip this step, you can end up with a dry, flaky scalp.

If you don’t need to have your head every day, you should still moisturize every day. Since you won’t have hair on your head producing natural oils, you need to moisturize to keep your scalp looking healthy and young. For best results, you should moisturize every morning, whether you shaved that day or not. You should also moisturize before you go to bed. When the moisturizer penetrates your scalp while you are sleeping, it will look and feel great when you wake up. 

Shampooing the Head

There are many people who are planning to shave their heads who believe that their days of buying expansive shampoo are over. This is not the case. When you wash your hair with shampoo, it is just as important for your scalp than it is for your hair. Since a healthy scalp is important, you will need to wash it properly. When you shampoo your bald head, it can remove trapped dirt and oil in the scalp that can keep it healthy. When you apply the shampoo, you should massage it into the scalp the same way that did when you had hair. This is important to increase blood flow and circulation to your scalp. Finally, the best time to shampoo your bald head is right before you shave. This will make it easier on your head.

Shaving the Head

There is a certain technique that you should follow when you are shaving your head. The best time to shave is after you have washed your head in the shower. When your head is hot and wet, it makes shaving much easier. You always want to use a high-quality shaving cream. The more expensive brands have the vitamins and nutrients that your scalp needs to remain healthy during shaving.
When you are shaving, you should have a shower mirror handy so that you can see what you are doing.

It is best to shave with the grain. If you shave against the grain, you can develop ingrown hairs. You should start going down the sides and then move to the back. If you remove all of the unwanted hair you should stop after one swipe. If you keep going over the same spot over and over after the hair has been removed, you could end up with razor burn. Not only is razor burn uncomfortable, it is also unattractive. 

Protect Your Scalp

The sun can be very damaging to any unprotected skin. This is especially true with the skin on the scalp. The skin on the scalp is very delicate. When you are outside, the sun will be shining down on your head constantly. Because of this, you should make sure that your head is protected when you are outdoors.

Even if it is cloudy outside, you will still need protection. There are a few ways that you can protect your head while outdoors. First, you can use sunscreen. It is best to use a product with an SPF of at least 30. This will block out 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays. You can also purchase a moisturizer that also contains sunscreen.

Before purchasing this type of product, you should read the label and make sure that the sunscreen is strong enough. There are some products that focus more on the moisturizer and they include SPF 15 sunscreen. This is not enough protection. Finally, you can wear a hat. A hat will completely protect your head from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Scalp Massage

As mentioned above, you should massage the shampoo into your head when you are shampooing. It is also a good idea to get a regular scalp massage. Regular massages will promote healthy blood flow to the scalp making it look and feel better. If you have a spouse or a partner, ask them to give you a scalp massage. If not, you can see a professional massage therapist.

Most offer this service and they will use a great moisturizer during the massage. If you can get a scalp massage at least once a week, you will begin to see improvements in your scalp right away.

More and more men who find that they are losing their hair decide to shave it off because today, bald is considered sexy. If you follow the tips listed above, you scalp should look and feel great after you shave and also between shaves. Shampooing, moisturizing, and protecting the scalp is essential for proper scalp health.