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5 Types of Jacket Every Man Should Know About

Wish to give your basic outfit a stylish touch? Then check out these jackets that will upgrade your style and up your streetstyle game. It is common for people to think that jackets are only for winters but that is so not true. You can rock these jackets not only in winters but in summer and spring too.

Today, we’ll be talking about five jacket that every man must know about. These jackets are sure to save from cold when the temperature is dropping and add an edge to your style in spring. You can wear it jeans or chinos, shirts or sweaters and play around with colors. From cool to bold here’s a jacket for all the amazing looks you wish to don.

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Check out these 5 Must Have Jackets…

  • Denim Jackets

Everybody’s favorite denim jacket has come a long way since its creation. From being a workwear for the miners and uniform for cowboys to now being a must have in every man’s wardrobe it surely has upgraded and how.The denim jacket brings a fresh, youthful and free spirit look. It’s versatility is unquestionable and definitely admirable.

You can rock a denim jacket on a summer night or winter morning. Easy to style and perfect for parties and casual outings. Wear this cool jacket with jeans or shorts, shirt or tee and experiment with its variety of colors and prints.

However, one can never go wrong styling the classic blue denim jacket. So if you wish to create a stylish look with your casual jeans and tee, then simply put on a denim jacket and you’ll be all ready to rock the street.

Everybody's favorite casual Denim Jacket to go from basic to stylish

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  • Motorcycle Jacket

Irving and Jack Schott released the world’s first motorcycle jacket named the “Perfecto” for Harley Davidson. This was the first motorcycle jacket that had functioning zips allowing it to put it on and take it off easily.The best part about this jacket is that it not only protects your body but also looks sleek and stylish. Whether it’s the cold season or warm, the best protective motorcycle jacket will protect your body from harm. 

Rock it with a black or white tee, denim jeans and boots for a bold and sick look. This short, close-fitting leather jacket with zips and studs is perfect for bikers and they can pull off this look really well. However, don’t be sad if you don’t belong to this category, you can still give it a shot. 

  • Bomber Jacket

If you’re looking for a versatile jacket that will save you from the cold and up your style in spring then a bomber jacket is exactly what you should be looking for. What sets this jacket apart from the rest is its loose fitting,ribbed knit collars, cuffs and functional front and sleeve pockets.

The bomber jacket is perfect for all casual occasions and can be teamed with chinos, jeans, cargo pants and more. It is an all season pleaser and a timeless classic. You can find them in different styles,colors and fabrics. Most bomber jackets are water resistant too. So if you haven’t had one yet, you must invest in it. 

  • Puffer Jackets

The puffer jacket is a quilted coat which is insulated with either duck or geese feathers. It has been a winter wardrobe staple for the last 5 years and a popular street style ever since. These jackets are often lightweight despite being  very warm. The fit and style of the jacket can vary depending upon the quilted designs which may be small diamonds or larger triangles.

Some may think of the puffer jacket as “bulky” or “ugly” but choose the right one and we’re sure this jacket will not disappoint you. They are warm, lightweight, stylish and perfect for cold and cool weather.

  • Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets are made from processed lambskin, sheepskin, or pelt. These jackets may be a little pricey but are surely a great investment. This jacket or coat can last decades if taken proper care of. Shearling jackets are perfect for winters as they will keep you warm and stylish. 

The best way to style a shearling jacket is by pairing it with a turtleneck sweater, trousers and winter boots. So invest in a good shearling jacket and get ready for winters.

So these were some of our favorite jackets that we believe every man must invest in. Let us know how many of these you already own and which one is your favorite?