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3 Style Tips To Find The Perfect Socks For Any Occasion

The Best Socks for Every Occasion

I think this is one of the most overlooked aspect of a man’s wardrobe. Many a times we plan our outfits for a special occasion or the next day well in advance but often forget about our socks. Sometimes we do not even spare a minute on this decision. It is usually the first pair you can locate in the morning. Let me revise that to the first clean pair of socks you can scourge up in the morning before laving.

Socks are no longer a mere necessary. When done right they can add an edge to your look. They give you some leeway to show your creativity and experiment even in the most formal situations and strict dress codes.

So which are the perfect ones for each occasion?

  1. For Formal Occasions: Dress socks! Perfect for work wear and formal occasions like wedding, engagement, parties and so on… Get something that is not bulky. Neutral and darker tones work for all.

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2. For the warm weather: In summer it is usually hot and that calls for socks in breathable fabrics. You do not want your feet to cause a stink. Go for cotton and cotton blends when it comes to the fabric choice for your socks. Wear foot undies even when wearing loafers or low cut shoes.

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3. For some fun: Keep some fun and playful ones in your collection for when you are going casual and letting your hair down. Bring them out when there is no dress code restricting you. Pick vibrant hues and kitschy designs.