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6 Styling Tips To Make An Impression For Your First Day At Work

We bring to you some simple and easy tips to safely navigate your way through the minefield and get you battle ready for your first day of work.

Whether it is your first job or a change in jobs, first day is a stressful thing. No matter how old you are, suddenly, you feel like a little boy on your first day of school. Clearing all the rounds of interviews and the group discussions and sometimes even the strong backing of years of experience seem lacking to keep your nervous energies at bay. Your stress levels are running high due to the anticipation of all the new people, the new work environment, the challenges that lay ahead.

You are determined to make a good first impression on your new colleagues, your new team, and your new boss but are unsure how to go about it. As each office has its own code of style and dressing. Fret not, my friends for we bring to you some simple and easy tips to safely navigate your way through this minefield and get you battle ready for your first day of work.

1. Research:

This is step one. Research is very vital. By simple observation you can know all that is to know about your new office. When you go to a prospective place for an interview make note of the dressing sense of the people around you. Observe how your interviewer is dressed. You obviously will not know everything but will know enough to get by the first few days. You will definitely get a general sense the accepted of style and fashion norms of the office. You can even contact someone from the HR team and enquire about the dress codes of the office.

2. Dress in Neutral’s:

If you are still doubtful, a good thing for you would be to blend in. avoid loud and bright colors for the first few days and dress conservatively in neutral colors like black, tan, brown, navy, white and so on. Avoid loud prints and patterns. Pick subtle stripes and solid hues. If you really love colors then add just a dash of color, like an item or single element of your ensemble, like your tie or socks or pocket square.

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3. Wear the right size:

Pick clothes that are in your size. Do not opt for oversized, loose or too tight apparels. They will make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Make sure whatever you wear fits you well and do not look like a hand me down.

4. Shoes:

Make sure to wear a nice, clean and polished pair of formal dress shoes.

5. Plan Ahead:

Make sure you have an outfit ready the previous day. You do not want to be standing in front of your wardrobe early in the morning with a confused look on your face. That is so not the way to start your day. Plus planning ahead will give you time to check the outfit for any issues like missing buttons, broken zippers and so on that can be easily fixed before your first day.

6. Iron:

Please make sure your work wear is properly ironed. If you walk in wearing something wrinkled or crumpled on your first day it will create a very bad impression.

Hope you have a great first day. All the Best.


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