Why You Should Own A Nehru Jacket Right Now?

Nehru Jacket men India

The Nehru Jacket gets its name from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Not only is Panditji an icon for the youth of the nation when it comes to politics and patriotism, his impeccable style too has won millions of hearts not just in the Indian subcontinent but all over the world.

Coming to the anatomy of the Nehru jacket, it is simple and elegant. The jacket itself is hip length and has a closed mandarin collar. It is enclosed with buttons up the front. It was said to be inspired by the Indian Achkan or Sherwani. But a Nehru jacket is shorter than an Indian Achkan or Sherwani in length. It was created in India during the 1940’s when India was still a British colony and under the Queen’s rule. It was initially called Band Gale Ka Coat or ‘Closed Neck Coat’ because of the mandarin collar style of neck used in the jacket’s design. It was designed for forma occasions. But Pandit Nehru made it his go to style and made such an impression that it came to be known after him


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