50 Ongoing Fashion Rules That You Shouldn’t Break In 2021

50 Modern Fashion Rules – Stick To Timeless Clothing, Wear Well Ironed Clothes, Avoid Being Overdressed, Etc

There is no day we don’t follow any fashion rule while styling as we are grown up hearing them and thus follow them unconsciously. But I would like to highlight few fashion rules that are very important to be followed as they help in building good fashion sense. In this blog I have mentioned 50 fashion rules men should follow to flaunt their look.

Here Are 50 Fashion Rules Men Should Follow By All Means

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1-        Ignore the fashion trend and stick to timeless clothing.
2-        Look out for quality rather than quantity of clothes.
3-        Never wear belt and suspenders at the same time.
4-        Invest in coloured trousers for funky look.
5-        Shop with your friend for his expert advice.
6-        Try to understand colour contrast that suits your personality.
7-        Try rolling up your shirt sleeves in different ways.
8-        Button down collar shirt is not meant for business suit.
9-        Always wear well ironed clothes.
10-      Instead of graphics invest in solid colours.

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11-      Henley and polo t-shirts will work well for you.
12-      Sometimes wearing a ring or a necklace is great.
13-      Regularly clean your wallets and keep it slim.
14-      Interchangeable belt buckles give you dozens of look.
15-      Necktie and pocket square shouldn’t be of same colour.
16-      Plain and solid colour suits are better than patterned suits.
17-      Colour and pattern in a while is great.
18-      Try to balance the top and bottom together.
19-      Opt for seasonal colours.
20-      Black watch goes well with brown belt.

21-      Avoid being overdressed.
22-      Don’t wear visible brand names.
23-      Style your boring outfit with scarfs, hats or jewellery.
24-      Own couple of sunglasses in different styles.
25-      Unbutton your jacket when you sit.
26-      For everyday stylish look invest in good brogues or loafers.
27-      Look for printed and textured tie instead of glossy silk.
28-      Never wear double-breasted jacket unbuttoned.
29-      Wear fabrics keeping in mind the season.
30-      Instead of simple necktie try a bow tie.

 50 Fashion Rules Men Should Follow To Flaunt Their Style

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31-      A longer tie is okay but shorter one is not.
32-      Buy clothes you look good in.
33-      Don’t wear big checks with big stripes.
34-      Dress according to your body type.
35-      Pants always look better than shorts.
36-      Always wear a perfect fit.
37-      Denims are worth investing in.
38-      Watches add elegance, perfection and class thus opt for branded one.
39-      Overcoats are one of the most stylish coats and a must have in every man’s wardrobe.
40-      Style yourself according to the budget.

41-      Black suits have endless shirt and tie combinations go for the idle one taking in account the event of styling.
42-      Skinny men should avoid vertical stripes.
43-      Dress according to your age.
44-      Opt for minimal look.
45-      Know what is your body shape and size.
46-      Wear classic instead of laud.
47-      Invest in a good pair of chinos.
48-      Have a habit of wearing a good belt.
49-      Try layering your outfit for better looks.|
50-      Try to be simply dressed for everyday look.