10 Fashion Rules Every Man Must Follow

Want to look your best every time you dress up? Well, then you must follow these 10 Essential Fashion Rules! Nobody is born perfect or is naturally stylish. Dressing well is a skill and not everyone is born with it. But if you follow these basic fashion rules we’re sure you can rock every outfit that you wear. Want to look effortlessly stylish? Then learn,improve and follow these little yet important rules and see how easy it is to dress well.

Here are 10 Fashion Rules Every Man Must Follow Without A Doubt…

  • Get The Right FIT

The first and basic rule of fashion is to wear perfectly fitting clothes. It is very important to get the right fit. Every body is unique in terms of size and shape. It is difficult to find something that fits you right in the first go. Also your body keeps changing every now and then. Thus, it is always better to get clothes that fit you well and if not then get it tailored to fit your size.

Loose, baggy and ill-fitted clothes will throw off your body proportions and something too tight might make you feel choked. So, a size that fits you perfect is very important. And wearing the right fitting clothes is the first rule of dressing well that can’t be avoided.

10 Fashion Rules To Look Effortlessly Stylish

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  • Choose CLASSICS Over Trends

One can never go wrong with the Classic.Trends may come and go, but the classic will always stay. Trends eventually die but the classic is here to stay. So the second rule of fashion is to stick to the classic and always choose them over trends. For example, a crisp white shirt is a classic and always looks trendy.

But this doesn’t mean you stop experimenting infact you must keep trying. Play with some trends once in a while to give yourself a new look.

  • Invest In QUALITY Items

The third rule of fashion is to invest in quality products. It is always a good idea to invest in a high quality item once, then buying cheap quality products several times. A high quality product may be expensive but is sure to have a better material, fabric and design. A one time investment in a high quality product will do no harm to you.

But if your tight on your budget and can’t spend much then try the comparing method.Look for various options available in your budget, try them,feel the difference and then buy one. Never compromise on quality and wear the best, always!

  • Wear The Right COLOR

You have to be smart when it comes to colors. Colors say a lot about one’s personality, so you have to make sure the colors you wear only talk good about you. Experimenting with colors may seem like a nice idea. But sometimes they may not end up looking like what you had imagined.

So in such cases it is always better to stick to neutrals. The black, white, grey, brown and khaki are colors that will always look amazing and will never disappoint you. You don’t have to worry about the color combinations and you know you will look effortlessly stylish in these colors. So go smart and add more neutrals to your wardrobe.

  • Choose the Right SHOES

So what happens when you follow all of the above rules but mess this one up? Your clothes look perfectly fine, fit you good, you’re wearing the right colors and so on. But what about the shoes? Your shoes are equally important while you’re trying to dress well. They should be clean and polished. No torn out shoes, no dirty shoes are allowed in the game of fashion. Always make sure your shoes complement your outfit. You dress up good but mess up with shoes and you lose!

  • Importance of GROOMING

Nobody likes an ungroomed person.Shaggy hair,untrimmed beard and dirty nails can ruin everything for a person. A very important fashion rule is to not only  dress well but be well groomed too. A well dressed man with hair and beard nicely trimmed is more appealing than someone who is not. No amount of expensive clothes or good shoes can make up for an ungroomed person. Grooming has and will always be important. So one key rule is to never avoid grooming and always make sure your nails, hair and face look good too.

  • Always SMELL GOOD

Buy yourself a good cologne or fragrance and always always smell good.Nothing is sexier than a man who smells good. Bad odor is always disappointing and so it is very important to put on a good cologne before leaving your house. Do not bath in it, just apply 1-2 sprays and then you’re good to go.

  • Have FUN

Sticking to classics and basics is good but not keeping up with trends is bad! You should have fun, try new trends and keep experimenting. Add some funk to wardrobe. Stay updated with new fashion trends and styles.See what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t restrict yourself and be a little bold when needed. Try a new color, print or accessory. Don’t invest too much in trendy stuffs but give yourself something new every now and then. This will help you boost your confidence and also give you a new look.

  • Get Rid Of The TRASH

Get rid of anything that’s ripped,worn-out or stained. The ninth fashion rule is to make sure what you wear is in the right condition. Wearing anything that’s ripped or stained will definitely bring down your confidence and will send bad vibes to the people around you. You must always be aware of the condition of your clothes. No matter how much you like your clothes, you know that everything comes with an expiry date. So you should stop wearing it when required.

A very important thing to remember- Wearing Ripped Jeans is cool but only when you’re hanging out with your friends or going shopping. A shirt that got stained just a day ago should’t be thrown. Wash it off and remove the stain, if the stubborn stains still doesn’t go then stop wearing it especially when you’re going out.

  • Wear Your CONFIDENCE

The last but the most important fashion rule is to wear your confidence and embrace yourself. All the above mentioned rules will be worthless if you forget this one. Confidence is sexy. It gives you the power to accept yourself, your flaws and your weaknesses. Try everything that you want and do it with confidence. Don’t be scared to experiment or try something new. Because everything that you do with confidence will surely outshine.

These were the 10 Fashion Rules Every Man Must Follow to look effortlessly stylish. Don’t miss any of these and we’re sure you’ll rock anything and everything that you wear. Up your style game with these simple yet basic fashion rules. So next time you leave your house make sure you tick off all these 10 points.