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The Cool Jackets – Motorcycle And Racer Jackets

These are ideal for the bachelor road trips and also your routine day around the city.

The motorcycle jacket is basically a leather jacket with the slight difference of this jacket ending around your mid-waist. This makes it convenient for you to sit on the motor cycle and ride comfortably. It is the perfect combination of coolness with comfort. Leather jackets do not require maintenance and upkeep also you do not need to wash them daily. That is why these are ideal for the bachelor road trips and also your routine day around the city.

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Leather jackets are for the winter cold but also to protect you from the breeze. Boots like chukka are perfect with the leather jacket but both should match in shade despite the tone difference. So if your boots are midnight black, you jacket can be a faded black as long as both are black. You need a leather belt watch with your leather jacket and the most important accessory is your pair of sunglasses. You surely need sunglasses not only for the ride but also to justify the jacket. But remember to always ride with a helmet!

As far as the racing jacket goes, it is a bit longer than your leather jacket but still ends right below the mid waist for the same reason of comfort. This jacket was and is still used by street racers because it provides good protection from wind in high speed runs. Also it is again leather so the look is truly cool.

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Again you need the perfect watch and the pair of sunglasses but in this case you may use goggles based on your utility for the same. Racer jacket are versatile and can be used casually for daily routine on one hand but also driving out on a date on the other. For this jacket you can opt for running shoes or sneakers if the use of the jacket is such. Boots also give a cool look but sneakers are much more casual and comfortable.

Both jackets are leather so the thing to remember is that you have to ensure it doesn’t catch on any fungal growth. This can be avoided by not letting it stay damp. There is not much on the maintenance end and the styles are classic sexy and charming. Both jackets are truly female magnets!

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