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Because there’s no excuse for sloppy attire – SUITS FOR MEN

So how does the modern day gentleman dress sharply for the office, a meeting or an event? Every workplace will have different dress code policies but in general, you should follow the same rule :no matter the weather, it’s always important to look professional, classy and, if you please, stylish. Suits for men are an essential component if the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.  In order to get yourself the best suits it is very important to pay attention to the suits construction. The construction of the suit will determine it’s weight, texture and breath-ability. Suits are especially important for men working in the corporate world.  Besides, a suit is pretty much a must at a fancy cocktail party or wedding reception too.

Theunstitchd gives you some tips about suits for men :

A Perfectly Sized Suit Will Feel Slightly Constricting:

When you try a coat on and lift your arms above your head to see if the coat fits properly, make sure it feels slightly constricting. That is what proves that it is your perfect size. If you can easily move around in your suit it will have a sloppy and baggy look and remember it isn’t meant for sports. When you need to do some physical activity kindly take the suit off. Try the suit both buttoned and unbuttoned. Make sure the waist is measured correctly. Remember the jacket sleeve would reveal half inch of your shirt cuff. Never make it shorter or longer than that.

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Buy Shirts That Fit to the Skin:

If you don’t get fitted shirts, your shirt will billow out on the sides and back when you tuck in. Always select full sleeved shirts for mens suits. The best fitting shirt can definitely compliment any man’s body. With the right colors and patterns it can change the whole look of the man.

The Fabric of the Suit:

this agenda is very important. There are many different fabrics a suit can be made from, each one will feel different and have a purpose of its own. Before deciding the fabric of suit, decide the number of times you are going to wear the suit because that helps you not only to select the right fabric but also the best suit. Whichever fabric you choose, remember never to dry clean it as it shortens the life of any garment. Use a brush on your suit, hand them after every use, use a suit bag and simply steam it when it gets wrinkled.

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Compliment Your Suit:

Just wearing a suit isn’t enough if your really want to leave behind a mark. You ought to wear something with it. Compliment your suit with the right coloured pocket squares, ties or cufflinks to add to the style quotient. Accessories play an important role in enhancing the look of any outfit. The right accessories Can make an inexpensive suit look fabulous. So know what to wear with your suit.

Once you’ve got the perfect suits and the perfect accessories, you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to share the article. Happy suit shopping.

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