How To Dress For A Movie Date

Movies are to be waited for if you’re early at the theater or to be rushed for if you’re late! Comfort here comes first, like it has always. No matter what movie you watch, be comfortable. This is very noticeable and you might notice 1 friend in 10 dressing for a movie according the movie’s category. Assuming the movie is about fashion industry, that 1 friend dresses up being a fashion geek and that’s him overdoing it. Here is how you can dress up for a movie date

1. Comfort is your coin

Be comfortable. You don’t want to keep adjusting in your clothes in between the movie. That not only disturbs you, it disturb the ones sitting beside you and you miss the movie. That’s not what you paid for, you paid for watching the movie. So dress light and make sure you’re comfortable.

2. Embrace Casuals

Embrace your casuals. Wear a total casual t-shirt.  Anything from a loose cartoon printed t-shirt to a t-shirt with a word or two printed on it. Don’t overdo your styling. Wear comfortable shorts and slip ons.

3. Colors

Be colorful. Use your colors to style you while you’re at comfort wearing the easiest thing on you. Colors can make a 0 outfit go top to make you look the hero, rather much comfortable than the one in the screen. Wear red, yellow, green, blue and any other color you want.

4. Tanks and jackets

Tanks and jackets make the perfect combination at a movie, just like cheese and caramel popcorn does. Where wearing a Tank make you the most comfortable, adding a jacket on it keeps you warm in the theater and make you look stylish of course. Wear zippers if you want.

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5. Shoes

Go light on your shoes. Don’t wear boots! Wear sneakers or comfortable slippers.

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