Be all ready for your FIRST DATE!

Shirt? Check. Jeans? Check. Shoes? Check. Think you’re ready? Think again! First date is just not another simple thing.  Paying attention to the details is what will really convince your site that you’re a cut Above average.  Every guy can wear a classy coat and black pants but that’s not enough if you want to be the man of her dreams!

Ensure you are we groomed, dressed sharp and then forget about your appearance and have a great time.  Whatever you wear make sure you wear confidence. ! The first date and the first impression definitely cannot go wrong.  And that comes from ones presentation which includes clothing, etiquette, grooming.. Everything.  It will actually show her how serious you’re about her and thereby will show your respect for her.

The unstitchd has figured out for you the Dos and Don’ts. Essentially, be YOU! Don’t fake.  It really works.


  • Wear what suits you and appeals to your body type and personality.
    Choose the colour of your shirt which goes best with your skin tone.
  • Be easy on the eye. Leave all your experiments for the dates hereafter. If you have been wearing glasses and on the day you try for the contacts, remember your eyes might take time to adjust and might cause discomfort.
  • Be your natural self and avoid this hassle. Or else try them few days before.
  • Dress as per the occasion and venue of the meeting.
  • Match your belt with your watch & Shoes.
  • Play safe with plain tees and shirts. After all, you never know if it might strike the wrong chords on the very first day. Wear clothes that fit you to the ‘T’.
  • Wear what makes you feel at ease and lets you move around in comfort.  Be careful with your choice of fragrance.
  • Keep the phone on silent.
  • You should be well shaven and clean. Clip your finger nails and also the toe nails. Use the aftershave.

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