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5 Dress Shirt Collar Rules Men Must Follow

The dress shirt collar conundrum!

The dress shirt collar is what you set eyes on first. It is at the nape and your vision will directly fall on the shirt if it is not right. Here are the dress shirt collar rules that one needs to follow to get this look right.

1) The collar has to be extremely clean at all times. Collar stains are absolutely unacceptable. It has to be washed well.

2) However, conversely, over washing may cause fading and even that is as much of an issue as stained collar. The color should be consistent with the shirt color and once it starts fading, you know it is time to get a new shirt!

3) The shirt collar has to be nice and crisp. Thus it has to be starched. Starching is the only process that can get you the stiffness.

4) Buttons can be used to secure the collar and also collar stays. Collar stays are a great alternative to starching. They keep your shirt collar stiff without having to starch it again and again!

5) The final tip is regarding the fit. The fit of your shirt collar has to be comfortable. The collar can make you really uncomfortable and restrict your movements if not of the proper fit. It has to be lose enough to fit 2 fingers in comfortably but not any more lose. Obviously it should not be so tight as to choke you and restrict any neck movements!


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