7 Right Colours For The Summer Wardrobe

Cool Summer Wardrobe For Men – 7 Trendy Colours, Style Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, Etc

7 Right Colours For The Summer Wardrobe

And the sunny days arrive! Summer is all about warm weather which demands two things – clothes that can make you feel easy and cool also switching from dark colours like black and navy to bright and fresh colours. It therefore becomes very important to maintain a summer wardrobe that is simple and stylish with all in trend summer colours.

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Usually Men don’t think much on the idea of seasonal colours like women. When it comes to styling women are very particular about colours and seasons, the same quality is seen in many men too. But, they get very confused on- how to move ahead to build a perfect seasonal wardrobe. In my earlier blog I mentioned 7 colours you should add to your autumn wardrobe which is a complete autumn style guide. Here in this blog I have mentioned some stunning summer wardrobe colours you should have.

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Summer Wardrobe is not something very difficult to go for or completely different than your regular styling. You can go for shorts, t-shirts, floral shirts, chinos, ripped jeans and caps. You should go for regular summer styling but only thing you should keep in mind is colours. Try to avoid colours like black or any other dark shades as it will not give you trendy look and also make you very warm which will end up making you sweat.

7 Amazing Colours You Should Add To Your Summer Wardrobe:

1. Red:

Red is a very bright and bold colour which in return gives you bright and fresh style. Summer is all about stunning colours and nothing can beat the look of red outfit.

2. Green:

Green is a really nice colour which looks amazing during all seasons. All shades of green looks nice and you can style it in the way you prefer it. Make sure you go for a perfect colour contrast with it.

3. Pink:

Pink being a girly colour is merely a stereotype. There is no need to believe it and stop styling such a beautiful colour. Trust me pink is the best colour you should have in your summer wardrobe.

4. Yellow:

Yellow is yet another bright colour and thus looks great during summers. Yellow t shirt or shirt with denim, chino or trouser looks perfect. You should own a yellow outfit in your closet during summers.

5. White:

White is one of the best colours to go for hot sunny days. You can style it in number of ways which will enhance your look. White is one of the classic colours that every man should have in their wardrobe especially summer wardrobe.

6. Purple:

Purple is very playful colour which looks elegant and stylish. You can style any purple top wear with denim, ripped jeans or shorts. Purple look very cool and thus its idle for summers.

7. Lime:

Lime is a vibrant colour which refreshes your regular styling. I would highly recommend you to invest lime colour in your summer wardrobe. Lime is a playful colour that will make you stand out in crowd.

Here You Go Summer Ready With Stunning Summer Wardrobe Colours!

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