The Complete Style Guide For Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are gaining a lot of popularity because of the lumberjack style. Learn more about this style right here!

Flannel shirts are the basic casual shirts for men which are considered as a style statement of men with rough and tough personality. This is the lumberjack style. Lumberjack style is basically a style which is the staple fashion statement of the lumberjacks. Basically this is the style that comprises of casual flannel shirt and basic denims.

flannel shirt guy with glasses

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The flannel shirt is originally supposed to be in a combination of red but there are several different options when it comes to Colours. The basic look comprises of the shirt with blue denims and a white undershirt. This look can be completed with some boots. Usually the belt and the good combination is in the shade of Brown. This is a very mature style for sure and also a very rugged look. Basically best look is more for a casual outing and even an evening with friends. This is not easy classic dressed up look but rather a laid back style. However if you combine this look with a pair of brogues or loafers then you can surely up the game and try it for a lunch date.

flannel shirt, denim and brown belt

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This is a look for older men and is not exactly a very popular style amongst the college going guys but will surely give you some extra attention if you go out for this kind of a rugged style. Also it can be taken to the next level if you grow out a beard and a fancy mustache like a handlebar moustache. This is a style that you cannot go wrong with. I will ensure that you like that the rugged and macho look. Growing out a beard and moustache will only help your case even more.

tucked in flannel shirt with suspenders

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The flannel shirt is obviously of very basic style and there should be no difficulty in getting the look at the first try. This styling guide will give you a better idea to ensure that your look is unique and interesting. If you want to add an interesting look to your flannel shirt then you can very well wear it without the undershirt as a casual style. This is a much more serious look as compared to the one with the under shirt. And complete the look with amazing footwear. Definitely the brogues are a better option.

This is another redundant and interesting use of the flannel shirt, but one of the look that you can go for is that you wear under shirt and a leather jacket over it and your flannel shirt will be tied around your waist. This is a very cool look. If you want to go for a college look then this is the style for you.

You can also opt for the flannel patterned sweatshirt or long T shirt or long shirt. This can be paired with a pair of skinny black denims. The look can be completed with a pair of canvas shoes.