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7 Best Styles for a Hooded Leather Jacket

Adding a piece of clothing made up of leather in your outfit? It can quickly elevate your look from a 50 to 100. When we look for clothing made out of leather, our mind quickly diverts to leather jackets as they are clean and refined at the same time. However, most people think that leather jackets give off a more serious look and so it is not really appropriate for casual wear. If that is the case, give the leather jacket a spin and wear leather jackets with hoods instead. 

Hooded leather jackets are a more casual style and can be worn anywhere, anytime. They are more comfortable and easy to wear and make you look more approachable. You can find all sorts of jackets like leather jackets or hooded leather jackets on several brands, you want it and they have it. 

Men often have a vintage piece of clothing inside their wardrobe for years, however, they do not take it out or wear it as they don’t know how to style it. So if you have that timeless hooded leather jacket in your wardrobe for some time that you don’t know how to style, take it out. We are going to talk about the 7 best styles for a hooded leather jacket. Let us get right on it! 

Wear it Casually 

Casual is comfort and that is all you need in your daily life. However, if you want to top your casual look with your style then bring out your A-game which is surely going to be your hooded leather jacket. Take out a t-shirt and jeans which you find most comfortable, top it with a hooded leather jacket. For the feet, go for sneakers,or trainers, whichever footwear is the most comfortable. Put on your favorite hat and get going. 

Statement T-shirts And Leather Jackets 

It is hard to decide at times what to wear if you want to go all flashy. Well, if you want to make it classy and keep it simple at the same time. Pick up an attractive statement t-shirt and wear your hooded leather jacket. This outfit will be different and surely is going to enhance your look. Wear sneakers,suede boots, trainers, or loafers. You can even wear a statement t-shirt which you have designed on your own with flashy colors, pictures and words. This look is perfect for you to attend a concert.

Contemporary Ripped Jeans

A leather hooded jacket makes a perfect combination with jeans and t-shirts. However, plain t-shirts and jeans are boring at times and seem to be an everyday outfit, and pretty casual. To vibe with a much captivating look opt for something different. If you are going out for a night party and have a difficult time thinking about what to wear? Well, take out your leather hooded jacket. Pick out a t-shirt with a light base tone or go for printed shirts to go bold. For the jeans, go for wild ripped skinny jeans. Slide on joggers or sneakers. You’ll be all set for the night party!

Pair it with Shorts

Shorts with jackets mostly work when you have cool days in summer or autumn, where you don’t have to wear a lot of things. Well, is it a special day, and you are going to have a picnic in the park, with fireworks to end your day? We have the right outfit for you. Pick out shorts in your favorite color and fabric and pair it with a round neck t-shirt or a tank top. Wear your hooded leather jacket over your clothes. To make it edgier for daytime, add a hat and shades.

Completely Black Outfit 

Wearing a completely black outfit never goes out of style. You can pair any sort of style, t-shirts with jeans, tank tops with shorts, shorts with turtlenecks, anything will work as long as it is black. Black outfits are the safest option for any event. Wear a black outfit and top it with a black hooded leather jacket. In that outfit, you can go anywhere almost, to parties, to work, to movies.

Oversized is the New Fashion

At times people order a hooded leather jacket which when arrives seems to be oversized and that is why it stays in their closet for years. Gentlemen, don’t be very picky about it, it is time to take it out. Oversized jackets are so in fashion, you just need to style them in a way which you can pull off. Pick an outfit which is classy so when you wear your oversized hooded leather jacket you look like a stud. Go for shorts or denim, pair it with a funky tank shirt and slide on your oversized hooded leather jacket. Put on sunglasses, that is how you’ll roll. 

Long Leather Jackets 

Bring your long leather hooded jackets in use. Wear them over turtlenecks in a semi formal way in which you can go to a party. Pair your turtleneck with chinos or jeans this look will surely stand out and be very captivating. Accessorize your look with metal dangling pendants and hand bands.


A hooded leather jacket is a piece of clothing that makes an outfit stand out and vibes with the event. Such a jacket will never go out of style so make sure you have ways to style it differently every time you wear it.