5 Pants That Will Replace Your Typical Denim Jeans

Are you someone who likes to keep up with trends and experiment with fashion? Are you bored of wearing the same old denim jeans? You have plenty of cool shirts and tees but you’re looking for some new ways to style them? Well look no more! Here we’ve curated a list of few amazing pants that will surely kick your denim jeans back in closet.

No doubt denims are a classic and easy to style but a lit bit of experiment here and there would do no harm.So get yourself these cool bottoms and up your style game this season.

Check out these 5 Pants That Will Replace Your Denim Jeans…


Chinos are our most favorite. They are casual, they are formal, they are smart! Perfect for work and perfect for weekends. Dress it down for casual day out or dress up for a smart casual outfit look.

Stylish Chino Outfits To Ditch Those Typical Denim Jeans

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Stripes Bottom

If you’re looking for something to add to your look then stripes are literally the best option to choose. But be a little careful when you’re styling them up do not mix and match prints and opt for something plain and casual. Keep it basic and we’re sure you’ll rock this look.

Stylish Stripes Pant Styled With Tee and Jacket

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Baggy Trousers

Loose, relaxed and comfortable these three words best define the baggy trousers. Pair it up with a tee and jacket or simply with a shirt and then get streetstyle ready.

Khaki Baggy Pants That Will Look Dope

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Leather Pants

Not a fan of leather pants? Well try these loose trousers and we’re sure you’ll love them. Skin tight leather pants don’t look good on men but these? These surely look amazing. So are you ready to keep your winter fashion game on point?

  • Cargo Pants

Who doesn’t like these pants? From the time when we counted the number of pockets to now choosing from a plethora of colors and prints these pants have surely upgraded in no time. Its time to turn that good boy into a cool dude with these cargo pants and change the game.

So what do you think about these pants? Will you switch or stick to your denim jeans next time?