6 Tips & Tricks To Up Your Style Quotient

Looking like a runway fashion model when you step out is difficult not to mention a tad bit unrealistic and impractical for the common man. But looking stylish and fashionable is achievable and something that every man must aspire to be. There are some simple ways, baby steps and small changes that lay a strong foundation of style and fashion.

Most men do not put much thought in to their personal style. They generally follow latest trends or pick up items without much prior thought. This article is useful to all men and especially the kind mentioned above as it saves their time and requires very little effort.

In order to maximize your style try these 6 simple steps.

1. Get rid of your old stuff.

Things that are ripped, torn, have holes or are stained and now look withered. These things are never going to look stylish again. Also rid your closet of anything that you no longer wear, clothes and accessories that no longer fit you, or things you once loved but now the relationship has turned sour. There are things you think you will wear again someday but deep down in your heart you know that’s never going to happen. So man up and bid adieu.

2. Make sure you wear the correct size.

Please ensure that you get the fit right. Even if you are trying to lose weight or gain a few pounds never buy for two months in advance. Your imaginary weight is going to make your actual self look out of place in the new attire. The right fit makes more difference than a well built body. Find a good tailor and get your clothes hemmed and fitted according to your physique.

3. Opt for classic trends rather than blindly following the latest fads.

Classics are never out of style. The latest trends may become outdated after a season or two. What was once trendy may make you feel very outdated now. This does not mean you only wear classics and not buy any trendy outfits. Mix it up a little. This will be both economic and interesting.

4. Invest in a good pair of jeans.

A good quality, well fitted denim lays a strong foundation for any casual look. Jeans last longer than most other items of apparel, you can wear them anywhere, at any given time. In short you do get value for money. So this is one thing you should not buy cheap. Your check list should include quality, fit and design. Get the best option available in your budget.



5. Buy multiples of what you like.

Look I know how strange this sounds. But this is actually quite a cool trick to save you unnecessary hassle. When my brother used to do this, I used to think he is just plain lazy. He is lazy no doubt but a genius too. He used to try on something. He would ensure that the fit, quality and design look good and feel comfortable and then proceed to buy different color options of the same piece. This saved his time. He did not have to keep on trying everything to see how it looked. Plus he was sure that as it looked so good he would want to wear it frequently. Instead of always wearing the same thing now he had options. Formals, shirts, t-shirts, chinos, denims and trousers; this system works for all. The colors ensured that mixing and matching would create different looks. Buying multiple items of the same type also ensured that he would not have to seek replacements soon. He was set for a while.

6. Remember to accessorize.

Accessories add character to a look. They subtly enhance your ensemble and complete your look. A small piece, a solitary item like a ring, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a scarf, a bracelet, watch, eyeglasses and bam! You look different. You stand out. And in a good way too. You do not need to overdo it. Just one bold piece is enough to give you an edge.

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