5 New Summer Trends!

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5 New Summer Trends!

1) Trendy T-shirts

T-shirts are the cream to your summer mango smoothie and this time there is a lot more to it! Fashion houses have expanded the horizons to add more flavors to your basic t-shirt look and here is what you should know about this new trend!

First one is the printed t-shirt. This is great in u-neck or v-neck and about 3/4th sleeve length. What the hot trend update is prints over subtle colors! The grey t-shirt with this retro print is the ultimate casual style for your perfect out of bed effortless look! It is perfect with shorts in a bright red or maroon with elegant grey loafers to complete the look!

Next we have the funky pocket trend. Okay this is fresh in the market and is basically an innocent single colored casual t-shirt with a blast of color around the pocket. This t-shirt is great with denims and chinos as it is subtle but spunky!

If you need that one basic single colored t-shirt, get out of your blacks, whites and greys. Go for this beautiful Royal blue which is the color of this season FYI! You cannot possibly get through this summer without Royal Blue in your wardrobe! Again it is ideal with denims!

2) Smart Shirts

Let us start with the denims. Denim is tough this summer with all the heat but all you need is the denim look and you are all good to go! Get out of the basic denim shirt look and get into the trendy printed denim shirts this summer. Sure to make you the talk of the town! This is perfect with white shorts. There cannot be a better match for your printed denim shirt! Grey sneakers or blue loafers are great for this look!

Your casual shirts can also do with a subtle splash of prints that will accentuate your basic denim and shirt look. It cannot get this casual in a funkier yet elegant style! Get yourself a cool yet elegant printed shirt in white or blue. Keep it simple! Lace up casual shoes that go up to the ankle are great for denim look!

The third trend this season in shirt category is Chinese collar! This is a great trend because collars anyway get sweat stains in this heat so it is practical along with fashionable! These shirts are best styles with shorts but denims are also a good look!

3) Wedding Flavored Jackets

Weddings are difficult in this heat, right? What if I have a solution for you? Nehru jackets are all the craze this wedding season! These jackets will keep you in style without the heat and excessive sweating as well as keep your arms free for all the dancing! Go for either casual leather ankle length shoes, slip-ins or leather loafers but horse shoe buckle!

Your alternate option can be a waistcoat! Yea just a waistcoat over a shirt and no jacket is sincerely a huge turn on for women! Also, it is a casual style! You cannot go wrong with this! Beat the heat in the coolest way possible this wedding season.

4) Funky Track pants

There is this new style trend around the block. Go for the narrowing track pants this season. It is fitted around your ankle, almost secure and not uncomfortably tight. It is great for sweat absorption and also a bit loose around your thighs for free movement and flexibility.

You should opt for the printed track pants if you wish to go all out this summer. Pair these up with single colored tank t-shirts or casual t-shirts. It is a great style but make sure the prints aren’t too bright. Keep it subtle and dim but wear a bright colored t-shirt to go with it!

5) Get shorty!

You cannot possibly get enough shorts this summer! It is all about the beach and casual looks. Thankfully fashion is in favor of your comfort always and shorts are the hottest trend! What you need to know is the important shades this season.

1) Basic navy blue for your basic casual look

2) Basic white for a subtle flavor to your trend

3) Sky blue because it is hot this season!

4) Maroon for some spice in your wardrobe action!

Shorts are pretty much as basic as sunglasses in summer. You need ‘em. But it is important to do it right. Get some cool printed denim shirts (or at least denim look, if it’s too hot for you), printed t-shirts and you are good to go! Casual loafers with denim look and casual slip-ons or as people call it – the fancy flip-flops should be your go-to for footwear with shorts.

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