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Suit Colors-6 Suit Colors for the Classy Gentleman

6 Suit Colors for Gentlemen 2020

Suits are classy. They make you look dapper and elegant. Be it in a casual, semi formal or formal setting, they stand out. In the words of Barney Stinson, ‘Suits are the Wingman you can wear!” Suit colors also play and important rule in selection.

For most people suits are reserved for church, formal events, funerals, weddings and special occasions. The key factors to remember when buying a suit are:

  • Fitting is the most important, don’t compromise here. If your budget allows, then go for a tailored or customized one
  • Choose designs and cuts according to your body shape. Some cuts and designs better highlight your features and conceal your flaws.

For those of you who don’t wear suits that often and need one only for a special occasion still have it easy when it comes to buying a suit. If its only one you want, you can be more indulgent, do proper research, and pick something versatile or safe. You can even pick something extravagant or adventurous as it’s just for one occasion or rare events in your life. But for those of you, who wear it more often, either for professional reasons or maybe even your “Sunday bests are your best friends”, there I go quoting Barney again; it’s a really catchy song! So getting back on track, such people obviously need more than one suit and this makes their decision more difficult. They are often confused, how much to spend? Which styles to pick? Which suit colors to buy? Spring/Summer/Fall? Which fashion?

We understand how difficult it is to build a wardrobe. So to make your task a little easy, we bring to you the 6 colors in suits, in the order of priority. We begin with colors that are necessary and more adaptable to the colors that can wait their turn.

When buying a suit the important thing to remember is not to blindly pick the suit you liked the most but to pick a suit which serves more purpose, which is more functional and can be mixed and matched to create different looks even when on a budget. In short totally paisa vasool!

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So let’s begin. Here are 6 Suit Colors for the Classy Gentleman


1. Navy Blue Suit:

I agree it’s one of my favorite suit colors but that’s not why its here. I know most of you must be expecting Black but it’s Navy Blue. Super versatile, works well in a formal, semi formal as well as a casual setting. Team the right accessories and shirt and you can dress up or dress down as you like. Plus it makes you look young and sharp; I mean it’s a young color. For formal occasions you can pick the classic white dress shirt and for semi formal or casual occasions you can team it up with shirts in pastel hues and ditch the tie.

2. Grey Suit

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Second on my list is Grey, in three different shades. They are:

  • Charcoal Grey Suit : This is a neutral color and can be worn with any color or pattern or prints without looking like an oddball. But this is a color suitable only for a formal occasion.
  • Medium Grey Suit : This is a shade lighter and is perfect for semi formal events, work and other social commitments.
  • Light Grey Suit: The Light Grey suit is perfect for casual gatherings be it spring, summer or fall. This color particularly works well with patterns and easy to work with.

3. Black Suit:

A true classic and probably everyone’s first choice when buying suits, but people should not forget that it does not suit every skin and hair type. Black suit looks better on dark skin and dark hair. Plus it’s very formal, so it lacks that versatility of being worn to a casual or semi formal shindig. But boy it stands out! So for the very special occasions this is my recommendation. Hence it takes the third spot on my list.

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4. Dark Brown Suit :

This color works well for blondes and red heads. Compliments darker complexions too. But a dark brown suit is not suitable formal wear. It’s a bit laid back.