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Suit Colors-6 Suit Colors for the Classy Gentleman


5. Tan Suit :

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This earth tone exudes warmth and works with warm colors like yellow, orange, cool colors like blue and green and pastels like coral, fuchsia, and mauve. The Tan or Khaki suit also lets you experiment with prints, stripes, polka dots and patterns without looking outrageous, unless you take it up as a challenge and go out of your way to look like the Rose-beetle man.

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6. White Suit :

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White is one of the suit colors and is beautiful and represents purity but it always stands out and is very noticeable. So if you wish to have all eyes on you, if it’s a big day for you, a big meeting, an important presentation, or a day where you will be the center of attention like a wedding or award ceremony then pick white suit. It commands respect and attention.

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