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Beat The Rain With The 5 Trending Raincoats!

Raincoats are longer than your basic jackets because they are meant to keep you dry. But this everyday coat can be made fun. You must go for brighter shades because anyway the sky is dull. Bright shades of blue will give you a great look. Make sure your buttons are loud if the jacket is subtle. And if the jacket is loud make sure it has plain buttons. However the raincoat should not be too loud or you will end up looking like a toddler.

Raincoats are perfect if you have to go out for a meeting. You can get matching bottoms and protect your formal shirt and pants completely. Keep your oxfords in the bag because gumboots are what will save you.

  • You have the classic professional styles in black, brown and navy blue. These are the ones you will opt for if you must balance your professional life.

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  • Next you have the funky ones with military prints and stuff like that. These are great but only to a certain extent. If the coat is too loud it may come off as immature and childlike.

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  • You have the fun transparent coats that can only be used for a casual look but it is important to understand that the transparent coat may make you look heavier than you are because the plastic like fabric will get wet and stick to your skin which will make your body appear fatter.
  • You have the colorful coats in shades like maroon and yellow. These are strictly casual and very cool for a fun day out or just grocery shopping.
  • Finally you have the all-purpose raincoats. They are in shades of brown, beige, navy blue and black. They are long enough to cross your mid thigh and also have multiple pockets. They are also insulated so that they can be used against cold breeze as well.

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