5 Sizzling Hot Looks For This Season!

1) The Urban Man

This look is designed for the man of the hour; the Extrovert who love clubbing, dinners, sports bars, bartending and dates. You need an impressive patterned blazer, a tank and your loyal denims! The denim should be a good fit. The tank will keep you cool for the summer and the blazer will give you the edge. But make sure it is a comfortable and lightweight blazer because otherwise you will just get stuck up in the heat. Go for casual sneakers which is the latest trends or loafers with this look, in a darker shade.

Patterns are totally in for Men’s Fashion and a patterned blazer is designed for the cool summer look so it should not disappoint you. But if you still need assurance, I’ll save your time, go straight to American Swan. If you love men’s fashion, you know this brand already. And even if you didn’t, now you do. The quality is impressive; the patterned look is just perfect. It isn’t loud but makes a statement. You will thank me later! This blazer is the most impressive piece of patterned fabric that I have come across!

2) Rugged Sportsmen

This look is for the men who enjoy a tough workout! Any sport you enjoy like squash or badminton and for any kind of workout that you indulge in, this look is perfect. It’s a basic necessity, I’ll say. It comprises of a bright Polo t-shirt that is really comfortable and sweat absorbent, which is the most important function of the t-shirt. Pair it up with comfortable and well fitted (by well-fitted I mean comfortable and not body hugging) sweatpants. Top it up with some smart sports shoes and a cap if it’s a day look be a part of the latest trends.

This is a casual work out look and is suitable for any kind of work-out or jogs and runs. The fabric used must be comfortable, wrinkle-free and sweat-absorbent. The t-shirt should be bright and the pants, more dark and subtle like a dark shade of blue. And trust me; you need pockets for your phone and keys. A great sweat absorbent fabric as per my research points again in the direction of American swan’s sporty look!

3) The Elegant Gentleman

This look is to IMPRESS. Clearly the purpose is to bring out the inner gentleman in you. You need a perfectly well fitted plain shirt with some self-pattern, really cool and printed smart belt, dark blue or navy trouser that fits you oh so well! Casual winged brogues in single color like a brown or tan or even burgundy will do justice to your look! A neat detailing that can be added which brings together the entire look is a bow-tie. Bow-tie is so hot in fashion and it brings in the elegance of a suit without the suit!

The fitting is the most important factor that defines this look. And the bow-tie is an extra brownie point. It is a conversation starter!

4) The Cool Blue Denim Guy

This look is a rugged casual look. It is for the men who don’t enjoy hot trends or pay much attention to fashion. Also, it is for the men who enjoy fashion and know the importance of a smart casual denim look!

You need a pair of washed and distressed jeans that fit you a bit more casually, meaning that it is a bit lose but not so much. It should fit you right around thigh region. You need a very cool shirt that gives you a denim look without actually being denim (You will get these shirts at American Swan, legit denim-looking comfortable shirts). This helps you beat the heat. Keep it smart with a pair of dark boots and maybe a beanie. But the beanie would be a long stretch for summers. This look is very raw and at the same time comfortable. Add on a belt as the final look.

5) Easy Breezy Friendly Guy

This is a casual look that carries a boyish charm to it. Women love a gentleman as much as they love a guy with boyish charm. Above all they love a man who can do both and transition effortlessly. This is a look for outings with friends or even very casual dates. It will go well for trekking as well as karaoke nights, it’s that versatile!

You need a cool t-shirt with a very young quote or graphic over it. The entire vibe should be young. A pair of cargo will add comfort and maturity as well. You need them to be of a good thick quality fabric with a classy finish. Lower quality fabric will make you look like an imp. The look of the pants should be dark and attractive, not faded and dry. Pair it off with loafers or sneakers of your choice and maybe some cool socks.

These looks have been inspired by the #SidharthsTop5Looks from American Swan. It’s something I came across recently amongst my male fashion forward trend setting pals! The comfort, quality and trends are truly unmatched especially in the price range that it provides. You can buy any of the #SidharthsTop5Looks by clicking here.

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