4 Urban Looks, Hot this Summer – With Jabong!

The temperature is getting high so it’s time to raise the roof and be summer ready! Let’s beat the heat with such style and charm that women won’t be able to handle but your pocket surely will! There are 4 looks that we discuss today and let’s break them down one by one.

1) The Fitness Freak

This look is for the men who don’t let the summer heat dampen their fitness regime. If you love working out even in summer, you know very well how irritating the summer heat can be. Sweat is no stranger to you but the summer heat and stickiness can surely be fought better in this cool look.

First let’s talk about the shoes. Great shoes are the ones that are lightweight. For this we are going with black running shoes with a white base for extra cushioning. A good pair of running shoe always comes with cushioning and this patch must be white as that is a really smart look. Although black absorbs heat, in this case it is very important to protect your feet from tanning. The Fila collection on is worth a peek.

As for the bottom wear, you must go with sweat absorbent tracks that are loose fitted. This will ensure that it does not stick to your feet because of sweating and also give you good leg space for flexible movements. You may choose a color of your choice but the all-time classic greys and blues work best! Darker shades of tracks ensure your sweatiness does not become evident and leave a wet stain on your pants!

Now the most important aspect, the t-shirt. You know what we suggest? Ditch the t-shirt entirely! This time just move ahead with a vest. Vest gives you much more comfort and space as compared to any t-shirt. However, you must, MUST ABSOLUTELY ensure that it is sweat absorbent! The most uncomfortable feeling is a clingy t-shirt that cannot absorb sweat and you just feel like you are leaking all over the place! Blue Saint Collection on is a life saver. The model has tried and tested this vest and has this to say, “It feels like I’m floating!”

Go for cool color for your top wear. Like the blue and white combination we have here.

2) The Effortless Date

This is a very important summer style. Summers are too hot for shirts and blazers, let’s face it. But how can you shine out in casual clothes? Compromise on the style? Or compromise on comfort?

Comfort is the most important factor. And style is all for you. This look comprises of a very charming combination that will strike the balance between your date-look and comfort!

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Your t-shirt should be a spring colored one. Light salmon and mint are trending this season. And let’s not forget that women love men with a boyish charm! A smart spring colored t-shirt with association to comics is what will set you apart. You will easily find superman and batman t-shirts but that is not what we are talking about here. This look will have a subtle reference without being a stereotype or just plain immature! The Captain America T-shirt is exactly that! This t-shirt is balanced, comfortable, sweat absorbent, short sleeved, salmon and just effortlessly gorgeous!

Let your bottoms be either black denims or black chinos. That will show her that you made an effort for this date! Since your t-shirt is a bright spring color, the bottom should be something basic to balance out the look!

Your footwear should add jazz to your look! It should be stylish yet suave. Go for something in black to match your black belt and black watch. Black sneakers with some self-patterning will work just great! Don’t go for colorful and bright sneakers. You need to keep it decent. It is a date look after all! This will be a complete yet effortlessly comfortable look that will set you a class apart!

3) The Casual Spring Break

This look is ideal for men who love to make a style statement. This is truly the most stylish look this summer without compromising on the comfort. As a matter of fact, it is the most comfortable look this summer!

Prints are so in this season! You cannot welcome summer without prints. No matter how much you love your plain t-shirts, it is time to buy that one cool printed t-shirt. If you are shy, start with something basic like the one in this picture. The Garcon black printed t-shirt on will be the perfect first printed t-shirt or the perfect addition to your prints collection! The black shade will ensure that you look remains simple but the prints are subtle yet really unique. They will definitely set you apart. This particular t-shirt is very comfortable, light weight and also sweat-absorbent.

Yes, the t-shirt is printed and so the bottoms should be plain. But it is spring after all! Splash some color with this mint green shorts! These shorts go well with almost any shade of t-shirt and so much so good with this black combination! The colors combine in so well and the comfort is so unbelievable. This is the most comfortable that fashion must have ever been! It will keep you cool and relaxed but at the same time your look will be suave and interesting.

This look is perfect for beaches, lunch or breakfast meets! It is really great for casual meets and run-ins, mall outings, grocery shopping or even a beach party. Men will envy your comfort and women will swoon over your style!

The footwear that will best suit this look is espadrilles. This is the mike drop moment. I know you understand that this escalates this look to a whole new level of comfort! Black espadrilles are your go-to for this look. Make sure to wear invisible socks though because its summer and you wouldn’t want stinky feet! A neat trick is to apply some talc on your feet first that will keep you dry and sweat-free all day long!

4) The Bro-Code

The final look is the ultimate casual yet stylish look that will be well appreciated in your group of friends. This look is entirely keeping your friends in focus. This generation is all about colors and rebel. Well you can never go wrong with the mauve chinos! It is the perfect combination of subtlety and style. Most men won’t even have the confidence for such a shade but you must! This is what will set you apart. Dressing is all about self-confidence. Also, chinos are good for the summer. Much more comfortable than your denims!

The t-shirt should be something plain and simple yet cool. It should be something effortless. Something that makes you look like you didn’t plan this look! It is just effortlessly who you are! The Simpsons on will give you a variety of cool t-shirts like the one worn by our model! This t-shirt is cool and casual yet the color is just perfect for the season. It will go well with all your colored chinos as well as denims. The fabric is lightweight and the look is effortless!

Your footwear has got to be sneakers! There are no two ways about this. They should be cool and trendy. Something that is conservative in color but adds jazz by its self-print! Your chinos are colored and so you should be conservative with the color of your sneakers. Go for something in black as that will go well with all your chinos and denims. A watch is a must for this look.

These are the four looks designed for making your summer wardrobe a magnetic dynamo! The looks are in partnership with Make sure you check out the same on the Jabong app for online clothes shopping and grab the spotlight this summer season.

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