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5 Must have Chino Colors for Men This Year

5 Must have Chino colors for 2017

Chinos are your super stylish, casual cotton pants. Chinos are great for the tropical climate because they are comfy and when worn right make you look suave. A well put together look can make you the most interesting and attractive man in the room. And they are not exclusive to just summers. They are multifaceted and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

So which are the 5 most trending chino colors for 2017?

  1. The Navy Chinos: Blue is a very serene color. It has a calming effect and looks dapper. It is pleasing to the eye and effortless when it comes to pairing up to create different  outfit options.

2. The Green Chinos: Green is a casual color. Forest green and olive green are going to the trending colors of 2017. Reserve these pair of chinos for relaxed setting and informal occasions.

3. The Tan Chinos: Tan is an understated color. But it will get the recognition that is due to it in 2017. I personally feel the Tan chinos come across as sophisticated and chic.

4. The White Chinos: White stands out. Only a confident man can pull it off. Start the new year with some bold choices and give the White Chinos a chance to woo you.

5. The Grey Chinos: Why should Black have all the fun! Grey is a little subtle and relaxed but with the right shirt it can transform in to something fierce if you so require.

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5 Must have Chino Colors for Men This Year
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5 Must have Chino Colors for Men This Year
Read on to know about the 5 trending chino hues for men this year.
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