5 Items You Should Never Buy Cheap

5 Items You Should Never Buy Cheap

I belong to the school of thought that believes that saving money is cool, bargaining is an art and an economic shopper makes for a smart and wise shopper. It is not about being cheap or classy, neither is it about being able to afford something, it is about valuing money. We have worked hard to earn it; we should respect this fact and not blow it up on something we can get for a better price or at a better deal.

I am an Asian, an Indian actually and this runs in my blood. We are taught the value of money and savings at a very early age. Bargaining is like a hobby for us. We have grown up enjoying it. Sales make our hearts beat faster than true love.

Budget shopping is smart, sensible and in. But there are times when a bargain is not a gain at all; something which saves money now makes way for an expensive loss in the long run. There are some things, some exceptions that should never be brought cheap. These are the things where we cannot, under any circumstances, compromise on quality. In the long run, paying a little more for these items still makes for a good, beneficial and smart deal.

So listed below are the five items, for which you should never compromise quality for price:

1. Eyeglasses:

In case you have prescription glasses or vision issues, you will require these every damn day. They will be highly functional to you. In case you break them or tamper them in some way, you will require another pair immediately. The time taken to fix them will be one of great inconvenience to you. Therefore it is imperative that you get a good quality sturdy pair of eyeglasses which can be worn every day and are able to handle the wear and tear and still last long. And good quality comes at a price. Now, I am not asking you to buy one that requires you to sell your kidney on the black market. There are many good options available for each budget. Go for the best possible quality available in your budget.

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