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The 5 Anti-Denim Events

5 Events Where You Must Never Wear Denims

I would like to start by saying; I am a fan of denim, like a really huge fan. It is a staple for me. I have worn it to school, college, work, dinner, brunch, casual get-together, and even some formal events. I can’t thank Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss enough. May their souls forever rest in peace. Even after all these years, Denims have managed to rule over our hearts. I can not think of a bigger or better invention that took the fashion industry by such a storm.

Though I might love it like crazy, I am not blinded by my love. For there are occasions and events where even the sexiest and classiest of denims just don’t cut it! They are simply not allowed.

So, here is the list of all the occasions and shindigs where we must never show up in denims.

#1 Wedding / Bar mitzvah / Quinceañera / Baptism

These are solemn occasions. A rite of passage. Therefore do not ruin a special occasion. And no your denims do not look like”Almost Trousers”, so drop this lame excuse. Man Up and respect the tradition. Besides showing up to these occasions in jeans is not only in bad taste but also makes you stand out, this causes the focus to shift to you instead of being on the person for whom this may be one of the most memorable days of their lives. Quit hogging the limelight, it is somebody else’s special day.


#2 Job Interview

First impressions are vital during an interview, especially if it is a career changing opportunity. For those in the corporate sector this is a no brainer. It is always advisable to dress impeccably and go the formal way when it comes to job interviews. People working in fields like writing, advertising, coding, dancing, radio jockeying or something similar know that the work attire is a little relaxed. Despite this fact, for the interview at least one must not show up in jeans. In fact it would do well to avoid it even on the first day. Observe the work environment and culture for a few days and then decide if you can wear denims only on casual Fridays or is the dress code relaxed enough to allow semi formal attire like denims and shirt or t-shirt.


#3 Cocktails / Formal Occasion

Red carpet events, black tie events, and cocktail parties run on a pretty high style and glam quotient. Jeans would pass up as too casual. These are the events where you want to put your best, sleek and most stylish foot forward.

#4 To The Theatre

Since its inception, theatre was always considered a very formal event. Rich patrons would sponsor shows for the entertainment of the elite. Nowadays theatre has evolved and become more accessible. But people generally dress formally to the opera, play, recital or any such performance.

#5 Court Date

Bet this surprised you! But whether you have to appear before a judge for jury duty, a speeding ticket or to testify, it would do well to dress in a serious manner, and denims are just too impish to pass off as serious.

So wear your denims to your heart’s content anywhere but to these five occasions.



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