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11 Celebrities & Their Kickass Man Bun!-Man Bun Styles

The man bun or the ‘mun’ is a really sexy look that is taking the men style scene by storm. With men now becoming more open to sporting longer hair and the sun breathing down their back the man bun comes as a boon. It offers men with the perfect balance of style and comfort. It keeps their hair in place, away from getting in their way as they go about their day and also offers versatile looks. Man buns come in various styles like high buns, low buns, half buns, undercut man buns, braided buns, messy man buns, sleek man buns, in short literally one for every want, whim and occasion.

Thus it comes as no surprise when you see celebrities sporting this look this season. Its recent popularity amongst the celebs has prompted us to come up with a list of 12 celebrities who have taken the rocking man bun and totally owned it!

Here are 11 Celebrities & their Kickass Man Bun!

#11 Bradley Cooper’s Hair Bun

On number 11 we have the very handsome Bradley Cooper sporting the man bun while travelling, A perfect example of travelling in style.


#10 Brad Pitt’s Hair Bun

There are very few things that can make Brad Pitt look bad. The man has the looks and attitude to pull off any look be it long hair or short, and the man bun is no exception. Brad Pitt wears it and carries it off with such élan that it ups the man bun’s oomph factor!

#9 Harry Styles’s Hair Bun

Popular British singer, songwriter, teenage heart throb and former boy band One Direction’s Harry Styles sports long hair like most iconic musicians, and when it gets hot he likes to tie it up in a man bun, binding many a fans hearts along with the lose strands of his hair.

#8 Jared Leto’s Hair Bun

Nobody besides Leto can pull off a half up half down bun with such panache.

#7 Jake Gyellenhaal’s Hair Bun

Mega Hottie Jake Gyellenhaal looks so rugged and handsome in this man bun and beard look of his. Sigh!!!

#6 David Beckham’s Hair Bun

Football superstar David Beckham is not a style icon for nothing. Sporting the man bun on the field he shows how something is both practical and sexy.

#5 Jason Momoa’s Hair Bun

The actor who sported long hair for his iconic role as Khal Drogo in the HBO series Game of Thrones like to unwind in a man bun. This is his go to hairstyle for events, press conferences and even a casual day out.

#4 Avan Jogia’s Hair Bun

Avan Jogia who plays Tut has always been the proud owner of gorgeous locks so it comes as no surprise when he sports the man bun. But he carries it off so well that it has earned him a place in the top 5.

#3 Orlando Bloom’s Hair Bun

Bloom is another actor who has to really work hard and put an effort in looking bad in something. The man bun has never been worn with such class and attitude.

#2 Kit Harrington’s Hair Bun

He may know nothing but he sure does know his man bun ;-)

#1 Chris Hemsworth’s Hair Bun

The Norse god who yields the Mjolnir, manipulates weather, kicks ass and avenges earth and saves the day likes to unwind in a man bun! But seriously guys, Chris Hemsworth completely rocks the man bun and wins the top spot in our fabulous celebrity man buns list.

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