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3 Tips To Wear The Aviator Jacket The Right Way!

The aviator jacket is a really cool fad that I think everyone should try.

The aviator jacket is a really cool fad that I think everyone should try. Admittedly the Bomber Jacket is in vogue these days but The Aviator is in comparison like the  cooler elder sibling who plays the guitar and has a driving license. I know! The things we find cool when we were young, right?

The 3 tips to remember when you want to sport an Aviator jacket are:

  1. Get the fabric right: How do you do that? Simple. Your choice should be based on your budget, on what looks good on you and your existing wardrobe coz you wont be wearing the jacket alone now will you?

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2. Shop smartly: Do a little research. Visit a store or two and also check online. You may get a better deal. Also visit the vintage stores. Remember the aviator jackets history? They came to be around the time of WWI. You may get something authentic and rich in history at one of the vintage stores.

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3. Get the fit right: This is an important tip not just limited to your Aviator jacket alone. The jacket should be a couple of inches below your waist. It should fit you like a second skin i.e. it should be snug but not tight.

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These are the 3 important pointers to keep in mind. Besides this I will leave you with an additional advice. And that is to wear the Aviator like you own it. Have the right attitude. Show some respect to this cool and iconic pilot jacket.



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