10 Things No Man Should Ever Wear to Work

Never Wear to Work Things For Men – Shorts, Ripped Jeans, Joggers, Flip Flops, Sandals, Etc

10 Things No Man Should Ever Wear to Work

We all know that women have more outfit options and when it comes to dressing for work it’s very easy for them. They can just style a peplum top with a pair of trouser or even go for A-line dresses. For men it’s not so simple as it may seem, in fact it’s very complicated. Men have limited outfit options and from that shortlisting formals and casuals is a big deal. Men are only left with few outfit styles to opt for that’s the reason I have come up with a blog that will help you distinguish between what you should wear at work and what you shouldn’t.

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What you should wear mainly depends on your profession and your office environment. But here are 10 things you should definitely avoid irrespective of your profession, age and fashion sense. No grown up man should ever try this at office as these are very casual for office wear. Read my blog and know more about styling for work and if you do the following mistake while dressing up for office it’s time to stop them.

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10 Things No Man Should Ever Wear to Work

1. Shorts:

Shorts are mainly home wear, worn for outing and also for chilling out with friends and family. Shorts are not a good outfit choice to be worn at office as they leave behind childish impression.

2. Ripped Jeans:

Love a pair of ripped jeans? Love to style it for every occasion? If yes it doesn’t mean you can style it for office. You can’t even wear it on your casual Fridays.

3. Joggers:

Joggers are great and one of the most comfortable bottom wear. I know it would give you good comfort during long working hours but that’s not the reason you can wear your joggers to office.

4. Graphic/Slogan Tees:

Graphic or slogan tee may seem very cool while hanging out with friends but trust me it would offend many at your office. It is definitely not the right outfit for work or meeting a client.

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