5 Fashion Trends Men Think Don’t Work But They Do!

Fashion Trends For Men – short sleeves shirt, double denim, Knitwear, Etc

5 Fashion Trends You Think Don’t Work But They Do!

You all must be having a list of few fashion trends that were the best of all time and also some that were the worst fashion trends. While you try to walk along with new fashion styles you think that rest are all out dated and worst. When I looked back to those fashion trends I realised that they are still evergreen and look stunning. Fashion world has infinite styles to opt for but today I have come up with those 5 fashion trends that you thought don’t work but trust me it does. Here comes the time to repeat what you loved to wear few years back and look stylish. If you don’t have them in your wardrobe buy some new for yourself!

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Here Are 5 Amazing Fashion Trends That Do Wonders When Styled Correctly:

1. Short Sleeves Shirt:

You can’t imagine your casual day out or holidays without a short sleeves shirt. It was one of the best fashion trends in 90’s now it’s again gaining popularity amongst men across countries. Short Sleeves Shirt is very versatile as you can style it with casuals as well as formals. For casual style you can pair it up with good pair of shorts or jeans and sneakers. For formal look try out chinos or trousers with oxfords or loafers.

2. Double Denim:

Earlier it was a myth that you shouldn’t wear double denim as it breaks your look. Trust me it’s very hard to go wrong with your double denim look. You can style it with dark blue shade jeans and light blue shade jacket. Also you can go for white jeans and blue jacket or black jeans blue jacket. For double denim look you can go for denim shirts too over a pair of jeans. Try out solid colour or printed t-shirt under your denim jacket.

Check Out Some Worst Fashion Trends –

10 Worst Fashion Trends That You Shouldn’t Blindly Follow

3. Knitwear:

Knitwear is a seventies fashion trend that is still one of the best winter fashion all over the globe. You can go for knitted t shirt or a vest. Styling knitwear is very easy as it goes well with any outfit. Printed knitwear is the best option if you want to try out something new and fresh. You can wear it on a pair of denim and chinos or layer it on shirt or t-shirt.

4. Oversized Outfit:

Long back men used to prefer perfectly fit outfit with best tailoring but few years back the trend of oversized outfit was on its peak. Recently it is again winning the heart of youngsters as they love to go for oversized t-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans. If you are middle aged man try out over sized t shirt on chinos or denim and trust me you will look younger and stunning.

5. Corduroy:

Corduroy will never go out of fashion as they look amazing when styled correctly. Mainly men think corduroys are only styled by cowboys but it not the truth. You can style corduroy jacket with denim or chinos with a plain colour t-shirt under it. Make sure your corduroy, denim and t shirt colours are contrast and complement each other. Never go for same colours as it may break your look. U can also style corduroy pants with a good t shirt.

Check Out Some Worst Fashion Trends –

10 Worst Fashion Trends That You Shouldn’t Blindly Follow

Hope You Liked These Stunning Fashion Trends And Will Surely Try Them Out Very Soon! But Before That Don’t Forget To Share It Across!

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