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Know The Difference – X-Type & Y-Type Of Suspenders

The X-type and Y-type of suspenders

There are two types of suspenders based on its structure – the X-type and the Y-type. Now while most men may fail to realize the difference between the two and the purpose of the styles, it is very important distinction because that decides what type of suspender you are buying! Let’s get started.

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The Y-Type Suspenders

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The Y-types suspenders are the ones which when help up will form a Y shape at the back. The Y-type suspenders are often considered to be uncomfortable because of comparatively less back support but are also the style you will opt for when on hunt for formal suspender. Your suspenders for business or black tie will be Y-type compulsorily. This is because the Y-type suspender is comparatively narrow and smart. These are the business type and truly a class apart. You can go for different patterns but the Y-type will be your business look. Apart from this, the y-type suspender will also have fabric buttons and not metal clip-ons!

The X-Type Suspenders

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The X-type suspender, conversely, when held up will form an X at the back. This style offers more support and is generally heavier. They are also bulkier and because there is extra support at the back the belts can be wider than the Y-type. Also, these come with metal clippers only because they require stronger support. This style is thus basically a casual look much more for either heavy duty workers or employees or for a trendy style statement over your casual attire. The designs on this suspender will be more casual with colorful prints.

These days you will find a combination of both formal and casual style. Thus it is very important to know the distinction because although you can jazz up your casual look with some formal elements, you must never add in your casual style to your formal look as that only leaves behind the wrong impression about your professionalism and work ethics!


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