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3 Types Of Umbrella Men Should Know About Before Buying One!

Are You Confused Which Umbrella To Buy This Season? We’ll Help You To Buy The Best Umbrellas For Men In India

We’ll help you choose the right Umbrellas For Men. Its not that difficult. In India there are 3 styles in which umbrellas are available – 3 folds, 2 folds and 1 fold umbrella. But all serve the same purpose- try to protect you from getting wet.

There are different styles which you can buy it.

1. 3 Fold Umbrellas

3 folds are very compact, small & easy to carry. To be very honest, they are waste. They don’t prevent you from getting wet.

3 Fold Umbrella

2. 2 Fold umbrellas

2 Fold umbrellas are slightly heavy and nor do they fit in a bag. They even don’t serve the purpose to the core. For Men Black Colour is the only option available in this style.

2 Fold Umbrellas

3. Single Fold Umbrella / Long Umbrella Sticks

These Umbrellas are been used by men since ancient days. They are Classy, Stylish & Elegant. All men Love to carry it. They serve the problem as they are very huge, but only problem is that they are too big, you can’t store them in your bag. There are many styles available for it.

Go Plain – Go Simple

Go Checkers

Run Along The – Sripes

Doodle Umbrellas – Best For 2015!

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