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Top 10 Sunglasses Types You Must Know Before Buying The One For You!

There are several styles of sunglasses but it is important to know them all as the basic styles are based on their utility and just as a style statement. Sunglasses are a part of fashion accessory that provide utility with style and thus you need to ensure you use your pair the right way.

1. Aviators

Aviators are the cool sunglasses that are suitable for almost all face structures and especially great for men with well defined cheek bones and jaw line. You have the classic, teardrop and the square shaped aviators. If your pair of sunglasses comprises basically of slim frame and an upper bar right above and parallel to the bridge, these are called aviators. The upper bridge is the basic distinguishing characteristic of aviators. This extra bridge adds more sass to your sunglasses and adds more symmetry to your face making it appear more appealing.

These sunglasses are all the rage. The lenses are generally in shades of blue or green but you will also get them in blacks and browns. These shades are great for a casual look and add more smartness as well as aggression to your style statement. Aviators work great with jackets. This just adds to the body symmetry and makes you more approachable a well as intimidating.

2. Brow-line

The brow line sunglasses are in fashion as we speak. They are all the rage. It derives its name from the shape of its frame. The upper rim of this frame is parallel to your brow line. They add more thickness to your eye brow thus making you look more masculine and mysterious. This style works just as well in suits as well as it does in casual attire. These are also highly popular in clubs and add maturity as well as style to your look. The lens is more of less rectangular and you will find these in various shades but brown or cheetah print is the one that is popular right now. These suit a very structured face or maybe an oval face. You must try them on before you buy them and although they do take time to get used to; these frames are trending this season more than any other pair of sunglasses!

3. Wayfarers

He classic full rimmed wayfarers are safe and classy. They protect your lenses and your eyes. They are strong n sturdy as well as suit many faces. You need to make sure that your face size matches the size of your wayfarers. There is a trend of wearing giant ones and that is not suitable for men with smaller faces!

These frames are all purpose from office to dates. They are not necessarily casual but nonetheless go well with all looks. It is a versatile style.

4. Flexible Joint (Hinge less)

These frames do not have a hinge around the joint because they remain open unless locked in with a clip. The clip is specifically designed for these frames. If you buy them make sure you have the clipper to keep them shut.

Often the hinge gets spoilt because of constant use and that leads to breakage of the temple from the joint. This style I a solution to that problem.

There are no hinges and instead is a flexible temple around the joint. This keeps it smooth and also very safe. These frames are often observed in the rimless style but it is important to really take good care of these frames. Also these frames should be rectangular. The hinge provides additional support and in its absence you must not go for wider or rounder lenses as that would not be supported by this hinge less frames.

5. Wrap-around

These are ideal for bike riding, beaches and any environment where you need to protect your eyes properly from wind, snow, sun and rain. It covers your entire eye region by providing a nice shield all around. Make sure you opt for sturdy one with a strong rim. These look great with jackets.

6. Sporty

These glasses are cool. They are the funkiest in shape and style and are often found in very bright colors but the color on the outside is just a coating. These sunglasses are strong and very stylish. They are perfect for adventurous men and are extremely useful for any kind of sport.

7. Clip-ons

Clip-ons are a new type of sunglasses that are based on a very basic technology of providing double protection with the help of the clips. In this case you have your spectacles in the same shape as your sunglasses. The spectacles are framed well and when it gets sunny you can just add your clip on sun glasses over your spectacles. You must take care of the clip-ons and always keep them properly in the case. These are very convenient as you do not need prescription sunglasses; it is just clipped on over your prescription spectacles!

8. Mountaineers’

These are light weight and extremely useful. Mountaineering is hard and you need to fight against gravity for this. Also, your sunglasses need to. These sunglasses have an extremely curled in temple tip that entirely covers your ears instead of just resting on them. Thus it grips on to your ears and ensures your frames do not fall off. These are usually in oval shape for maximum coverage on the face. You must try these on and adjust the temple tip to have a tight grip around your ears.

9. Flexible

These are also called as fo0ldable sunglasses. They are built in a manner to just fold in entirely. You also have the ones wherein both rims are connected with the help of magnetic force and can be snapped open. These styles are just for n added USP and do not exactly have a strong use except for starting a new trend.

10. Retro

These are the classic, full and thick rimmed rectangular glasses. They are strong and sturdy. Also they have an old school vibe. This style is still very much in fashion because it is suitable for many face shapes but men with a larger face should opt for this style as it covers a large amount of the face.

Apart from these you have the rimless, half rimmed and full rimmed glasses. Also you have the fashionable round frames which are the perfectly round or oval shaped glasses. These are trending but suitable only for some face types. Men with a smaller face can opt for these frames.


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