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The 7 Lenses – Sunglasses Guide

The color of your lenses makes all the difference because that is essentially your vision!

There are 7 primary lenses used for sunglasses and let us break them down!

1) Gray sunglass lens are the most appropriate ones for regular use. They project the true shades and are great for protection from sunlight. These lens are great for a sunny day and any outdoor activities like sports. They are also the best shade of lenses for driving.

2) There are times when it is not a bright sunny day but a rather fog smitten day. Yellow or orange shades or a combination of both, is perfect for this kind of a day. They essentially keep the blue light out and ensure your vision is not delusional! These shades are great for aiming, target shooting and also activities like skiing. You will often find this shade with the skiers.

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3) Brown lenses are perfect for a cloudy day! They combat the blue light with green and ensure you have a relaxing day golfing, target shooting etc. These are the relaxing ones and also most common as they have a cooling effect on your eyes.

4) If you need a versatile shade that treats all colors equally and is great for a rainy day as well as a sunny one, you must opt for the green lenses. They are neutral and also a cool color thus protecting your eyes from the bad light in a relaxing manner.

5) You have the purple lenses next. Red also has similar properties. Often a gradient mix of both is also used. You won’t find these lenses in your routine environment because these are more so for outdoor activities like skiing and cycling. They are also preferable for racing activities. These shades provide a contrast against both green and blue. They are also the badass looking lenses of the lot! These are great for snow days.

6) It can get misty, it may get rainy or maybe just a heavy fog! Sometimes all you need is a little less fog. To take out the white, go for blue lenses. They are great for a clear vision in a sight full of white fog or snowflakes! You can use these especially for fishing and even skiing.

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The main idea is that you need to filter out or keep out the unrequired light that affects your clear vision. For e.g., the blue lenses filter out white thus you can drive a car on a misty road as your sunglasses will filter out the white mist. Thus you can easily drive without getting distracted by the mist.

The final one is the best one. We have saved the best for last. The Polarized lenses give you a 100% protection from harmful UV rays. They also keep away glare. Thus if there is light reflecting on a surface and hitting your eye, it will be filtered out by these lenses so that your vision is not compromised. These lenses are also great with angular vision. You can choose to focus right where you wish to.

You must choose lenses that look great on you but also make sure you choose the shade as per the environment you live in for best possible results.



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