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Simply Expand – Tote Bags For Men

A Tote bag is the most versatile bag you will ever own. For tote bags, bigger is definitely better. Tote bags come with two handles. You can either wear it on your shoulder or hold it in your hand. Basically, tote bags are one of the simplest and most practical styles of hand held luggage and are useful for anything from a trip to the gym to a weekend vacation out of town.

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What distinguishes tote bags from other bags is its simple soft-sided structure. Even those with interior framing have a rigid structure only at the top or base,  it’s sides are soft and can expand to accommodate a large load. Tote bags usually have a zip or snap to open and close and lack an outer flap so one can easily open and close the bag. Tote bags come in many materials.  Leather or canvas make you look stylish whereas denims or colourful vinyl makes a splashy style star.

Theunstitchd helps the newbies to explore the various totes.

Aspirational or ironic, cotton waxed canvas or all leather – you never know which tote will emerge as your favorite!

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They are one of a kind in the truest sense and their simplicity is a large part of their lasting popularity and a quality tote is more than meets the eye!

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